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Optimizing Tax Management With Custom AI-Powered Software Solutions

We Have Experienced Tax Planning Software Developers-for-Hire

Our industry experts have many years of combined experience developing customizable state-of-the-art tax software solutions designed with advanced tax management features for small businesses (SMBs), self-employed individuals, tax professionals, and global enterprises.

Professional Tax Software Development

We create sophisticated tax preparation software equipped with features for client data checklists, customizable billing, client/customer service agent chat portals, automated tax calculators, task schedulers, client profile databases, and accounting integrations.

Sales & Use Tax Software Development

We develop end-to-end automated sales tax software designed to calculate industry and geographically specific tax rules and rates, log transactions in real-time, generate reports for audit defense, and more, all while seamlessly integrated within your ERP.

Global Tax System Development

These systems are designed to calculate Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI) & Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII) while auto-updating international compliance standards & tracking 951A inclusions to view all U.S. & international expenses.

State Income Tax Software Development

Manage state income & franchise tax to minimize future tax liabilities & state tax audits, identify refund opportunities, provide due diligence reviews for acquisitions & mergers, and remain up-to-date with ever-evolving legislatures & statutes.

E-Filing Software Development

We develop e-filing software for Modernized e-File (MeF) systems with XML & ACH payments, built with self-filing, as-you-type refund estimations, tax extensions, side-by-side comparisons of yearly returns, automated audit triggers, photo capturing, and geolocation features.

Federal Tax Planning Software Development

Translate tax code across all industries & U.S. states to manage federal tax liabilities, determine Net Operating Loss (NOL), identify Research & Experimentation (R&E) tax credits, analyze & classify fixed assets, secure savings through cost segregation, and more.

Custom Tax Planning Software Solutions

We engineer and integrate custom tax software solutions equipped with the latest features for automating tedious manual processes, governing access to sensitive tax information with (RBAC) modules, and centralizing tax data within a central repository, all designed to simplify & streamline tax management workflows.

Auto-Generated Tax Forms

We build automated tax form solutions to auto-generate and distribute all tax forms, including 706, 709, 941, 990, Exempt (990), W-2, W-4, W-4P, 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1041, 1120 1065, 1099-MISC, 1099, 1095, and more with Schedules A, B, C, D, G, J, K, and SE.

Tax Calculator Apps

Our expert tax software developers deliver custom tax calculator apps that can calculate tax liabilities, estimate refunds, and pre-populate accurate personal information, including income sources and amounts, manual adjustments, tax exemptions, and much more.

Use Tax Management Automation

We design solutions for multi-state use tax management & compliance standards maintenance, seamlessly integrated within your current ERP apps and external tax packages allowing for real-time audit reporting and tax-only debit/credit adjustments.

E-Signature Capture

We program e-signature capture capabilities, protected with multi-factor authenticity tools and user identification verification protocols for e-signing important documents online downloaded as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, zip files, other common file types.

Compliance & Reporting Solutions

Keep records & reports of how we maintain all federal, state, & international tax compliance standards & regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. (SOX), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Tax Calendar Solutions

We engineer easy-to-use tax calendar solutions that keep users up-to-date with multi-year compliance and tax deadlines, payments & transactions, extensions, filings, and projects, designed to ensure that your organization remains current on all deadlines.

AI-Powered Tax Solutions

Our tax software development experts can integrate AI tax solutions with your existing accounting databases by leveraging its capabilities to automate complicated processes, detect errors and discrepancies in documents, generate reports and reconciliations, and more.

AI Tax Software

We build custom tax software using AI and machine learning algorithms to identify assets and maximize deductions. Robotic process automation modules are developed to expedite data input and account reconciliation processes in legacy applications. Our expert engineers create AI tax solutions that are designed to integrate with predictive modeling and analytics software for advanced tax forecasting and fraud detection.

Customer-Focused AI Tax Solutions

Our skilled industry specialists can deploy AI tax solutions to provide personalized customer service experiences. Rich with features, these solutions can respond automatically to clients’ inquiries with accurate answers promptly without manual intervention. Our expert-level programmers can build chatbots that can be used for tax preparation to provide advice on filing methods and helping taxpayers better understand their options for filing taxes accurately and on time.

Tax Software Using AI to Prevent Fraud

We create tax software using AI for accounting professionals to utilize as an effective tool for fraud detection. This powerful software uses analytics to identify potential inconsistencies that may go unnoticed. Tax software using AI enables tax professionals to gain insight into financial information that would normally require a significant amount of manual effort to uncover.

Tax Accounting with AI

We engineer tax accounting with AI software solutions that provide greater accuracy and efficiency when dealing with complex, computational tax-related tasks. AI tax software opens up possibilities for an improved customer service experience, helping to build trust between taxpayer clients and their advisors while saving time that would have been spent manually analyzing financial documents.


Chetu's tax planning software development experts comply with regulatory standards including anti-money laundering and consumer protection standards such as Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB), SOX, Dodd-Frank, the Securities Act of 1933, and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

Custom Tax Software Integrations

Chetu’s tax software experts custom-develop and provide seamless integrations with popular third-party tax preparation, management, and reporting software to centralize documents, reduce costs, and optimize day-to-day operations.


We integrate TurboTax and develop custom tax software just like TurboTax, with your current processes to make tax preparation and online tax filing as easy as ever.


We integrate with Avalara to ensure tax and document management compliance within all jurisdictions, calculating various transaction taxes, and filing/remitting returns.


Our developers integrate with Vertex to enable tax determination and assist with tax data and document management, as well as up-to-date compliance and reporting.


We integrate with Quickbooks to assist small businesses (SMBs) in managing tax software with ease, enabling users to manage their taxes remotely and from any device.


Our experts integrate with the Sovos platform to provide comprehensive and complex solutions for tax determination, continuous tax controls, and financial reporting.


We integrate with TaxJar to help businesses automate e-commerce sales tax, manage exemption, verify taxability variables, and more, all viewed on a custom dashboard.


Integrating with TaxSlayer enables users to enter tax information, equipped with comprehensive on-screen explanations to find the highest return possible.

ONESOURCE Indirect TaxONESOURCE Indirect Tax

We integrate your business systems with ONESOURCE Indirect Tax to help small-to-large-size businesses manage sales and use tax, VAT, GST, and other tax responsibilities.

FAQs Related to AI in Tax Software

AI automatically collects all tax-related entries from the system and fills all the required information one by one accurately and smoothly. It detects audit sequences and reduces human efforts in solving tax problems accordingly.

AI in taxation refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to simplify and automate tax-related tasks and workflows.

It requires a significant amount of technical expertise, financial knowledge, and compliance with tax regulations. Here are some general steps you can follow:

It provide various benefits, such as improving work efficiency and accuracy, reduced costs, enhanced compliance, faster processing times, and upgraded risk management.

AI can be used in various tax-related tasks, including tax preparation and e-filing, tax compliance monitoring, fraud detection and prevention, and tax planning and forecasting.

It can provide accurate, convenient, cost-effective, and educational tax estimates that can save your time and help you make informed in financial decisions. It is also helping in estimating taxes owed, compare different scenarios, planning for the future, and prepare for tax season.


Let us create a powerful propriety tax prep software that has all the features you want. By leveraging automation, we can create fields, modules, dashboards and forms for credit cards, capital gains, itemized deductions, child tax credits, tax returns, IRS forms, state tax and state returns. We can develop a tax prep software to fit your needs and specifications. Learn More about our Tax Prep Development.

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