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E-Prescribing Software Development

Chetu engineers highly interoperable, HIPAA-compliant eRx software solutions to help prevent medication errors, automate clinical decision support, add more visibility, and streamline the medication process for doctors, patients, medical staff, and pharmacists. eRx software's robotic capabilities streamline the prescription filling process and increase accuracy. In addition, the software's decision analysis algorithms provide health care professionals with valuable insight into drug interactions and potential adverse reactions, improving patient outcomes.

E-Prescription Software Development

We develop Electronic Prescription (eRx) Systems for the safe and secure transmission of e-Prescriptions of Controlled Substances (EPCS), as well as the medical test requirements between pharmacies, PBM, trading hubs, imaging centers, social insurance providers, drug stores, and other healthcare providers.

EMR/EHR Integrations

We coordinate eRx networks with Electronic Health and Medical Record (EMR/EHR) databases to verify patient credentials and avoid conflicting drug interactions based on a patients’ medication history. We integrate Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) & Medical Billing modules to coordinate alongside hospital information systems.

Clinical Decision Support

We integrate eRx programs with inpatient and ambulatory Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software to evaluate patient medication history, including drug, food, allergy, and treatment therapies. Our CDS systems alert healthcare providers and pharmacists of potentially conflicting drug interactions to ensure the patients’ safety.

E-Prescription Mobile Application Development

We develop cross-platform Telemedicine Applications integrated with EMR, EHR, and PHR distribution functions for doctors, patients, caretakers/nurses, and pharmacists. These mobile and web applications incorporate doctor and patient portals, communication modules, camera functions, and so much more.

Third-Party eRx Implementation

We provide third-party software implementations and data migration services to third-party eRx software proprietors (Surescripts, NueMD, MDToolbox). We also integrate third-party CDS software (First Databank, Medispan, Zynx Health) and leverage drug information databases containing Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP).

Medication Management Systems

We engineer e-Prescription software functions into hospital, doctor’s office, and enterprise-wide Medication Management Systems (MMS) using standardized Barcode Scanners and other inventory tracking devices to automate medication orders of brand-name drugs and non-exclusive medications.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Digital Prescription Software

Chetu’s software development experts collaborate with the healthcare industry to create AI-driven resources to modernize medicine. Our skilled software developers leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence and predictive analytics technology to design robust and intuitive programs to enable today’s healthcare providers to elevate patient care, eliminate human error within prescriptions, and forecast best practices to accurately prescribe and monitor medications critical for the success of individualized patient care plans. Chetu’s AI-driven e-prescription solutions are HIPAA and HL7 compliant.

Automated Prescription Solutions

Chetu’s expert-level software developers design and implement automated prescription solutions utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence resources. Our software specialists create customized automation programs to accurately process high volumes of prescriptions, enabling pharmacies and healthcare institutions to complete all prescription requests expediently, no matter their caseload. Let Chetu’s automation software experts exceed your demands by designing and deploying customized automated prescription solutions..

Intelligent Prescribing Technology

Our adept software specialists create intelligent, custom prescribing platforms that automate ‘boilerplate’ tasks, alert healthcare providers to any change in patient treatment plans, and monitor medication adherence. Chetu’s healthcare software experts create custom patient profiles that include all medication history from all prescribing physicians and are accessible by all authorized users. Chetu’s intelligent prescribing technology resources are HIPAA and HL7 compliant.

Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Prescriptions

Chetu’s software experts utilize cutting-edge AI resources to mitigate human-error associated with manual prescription writing. Digitizing physician signatures ensures accuracy, eliminates costly prescription fraud, and facilitates interoperability among electronic health records. AI enabled interoperability allows multiple healthcare institutions to monitor patient medication adherence and compliance of all individualized patient treatment plans. Chetu’s AI experts automate tasks and reduce manual patient data entry, increasing efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.

Predictive Prescription Analytics

Chetu leverages powerful predictive analytics to elevate patient care by enabling physicians to complete accurate, data-driven decisions when creating individualized medication plans for patients. Our software specialists create and deploy customized parameters utilizing analytics to accurately determine which medications are forecasted to have the best performance outcomes based on patient history, family history, pre-existing conditions, and other pertinent historical data. Chetu empowers physicians to implement the best medication treatment plans without labor-intensive trial & error associated with traditional prescribing.

Smart Medication Prescribing

Our software experts facilitate medication adherence and safety with customized smart medication programs. Designed and implemented by Chetu’s software specialists, smart medication programs integrate with existing electronic health records and electronic medical records programs, reducing any workflow disruptions. Smart medication programs eliminate any unintended consequences with improperly diagnosed medications by enabling the creation of a centralized database containing patient medication history and physician notes. Chetu’s customized smart medication prescribing programs promote interoperability with electronic health records platforms, ensuring seamless continuation of all work processes.

IoT-Integrated eRx

Chetu’s experts utilize IoT to design and launch Cloud-based e-prescription programs, customized to exceed all HIPAA and HL7 compliance standards. Our software designers create cutting-edge e-prescription platforms to facilitate interoperability with participating pharmacies and healthcare providers to reduce patient wait-times for prescription access, eliminate human-error associated with traditional prescriptions, and enable better patient education to mitigate prescription drug side effects and potentially dangerous dosage errors. Chetu’s IoT-integrated eRx platforms enable real-time monitoring of medication transactions and healthcare provider alerts.

E-Prescribing Software Support Solutions

With efficiency and improvement at the forefront of our custom applications, we follow the same philosophy with our support solutions. We’ll help you navigate complex tasks like specialty drug solutions, PBM eligibility checks, and everything in between with clear communication and cutting-edge technologies.

Specialty Drug eRx Solutions Support Team

Our seasoned experts make up a support team dedicated to provide you specialty drug eRx solutions. We’re ready to face the complex challenges within specialty drug electronic prescription through innovation and cutting-edge technologies. You’ll be able to reap the reward of effortless and peak performance while meeting the unique demands of specialty drugs thanks to our support being specifically designed to enhance reliability and efficiency.

eRx Solutions Support For Large Health Systems

eRx solutions support isn’t restricted by the size of a system. We can tailor our support for large health systems through our robust architecture – ensuring seamless scalability that’ll lead to efficient prescription management and high availability of medications. With a deep understanding of the necessities of such expansive networks, we’ll cater to the subsequent complexities with prompt and effective solutions.

EPCS Support Protocols

Electronic prescribing should be met with the same level of security and compliance that would be seen within traditional prescribing. With an intent to establish accessibility and stringent security measures, our experts have precisely crafted EPCS support protocols. We’ll maintain comprehensive audit trails, advanced encryption methods, and apply multifactor authentication to meet Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) standards.

Prescriber Decision Support

Our experienced developers meticulously design prescriber decision support solutions to strengthen healthcare professionals and their processes. We leverage advanced algorithms to give you insights in real time to help you make informed decisions. With precision and safety in mind, we create our decision support to promote prescription accuracy and patient security.

Elevate eRx Support Solutions

Upgrade your electronic experience with our exceptionally crafted eRx support solutions. Going further than conventional support, our transformative approach leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI to improve user satisfaction and operational efficiency. Furthermore, our supplementary implementations can also aid with troubleshooting issues. Whether you’re a healthcare administrator, pharmacist, or prescriber we’ll meet your unique needs with unparalleled support.

Automated PBM Eligibility Checks

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) eligibility can quite tedious and time-consuming. However, with our automated PBM eligibility checks solutions, as an experienced software developer we’ll integrate our AI solutions into your system flawlessly, and you’ll reap the benefit of real-time eligibility verifications. Through the use of advanced algorithms, we’ll help you reduce errors and efforts to improve your workflows overall.

Custom E-Prescription Software Services

We develop custom eRx software solutions to promote interoperability, streamlined workflows, secure communications between medical staff and patients, improve reporting functionality, and simplify the prescribing of controlled substances.

E-Prescription Software Solutions

We develop custom e-Prescription software solutions to provide electronic prescribing capabilities, medication alerts for drug/allergy interactions, automated prescription refill modules, built-in medicine dosage calculators, and so much more to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce mistakes, and streamline the medication process.

E-Prescription Mobile Solutions

We engineer HIPAA & HL7-compliant mobile and web applications that incorporate interoperable Case Management Systems, Health Information Exchange (HIE) Systems, Hospital and Clinic Information Systems (HIS/CIS), Practice Management Systems (PMS), and Revenue Management Systems (RMS) to streamline effective workflows.

E-Prescription Security Solutions

We implement Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Security Socket Layer (SSL) to authenticate and encrypt data throughout the transportation process. We also incorporate distributed access control modules, and enable two-factor and multi-factor authentication roles like PINs, biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID), scannable key cards, SMS codes, etc.

PACS/DICOM Software Solutions

We develop Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) software and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer platforms for the secure storage and management of medical images. We implement PACS and DICOM software into your existing web and mobile applications for enhanced medical image management.

HL7 Integration Solutions

Our highly skilled team of eRx software engineers provide custom HL7 interface development, HL7 viewer programming, and third-party HL7 integration solutions for the exchange, integration, migration, sharing, and retrieval of patient medical records (EMR/EHR) on a centralized web and mobile application platform.

Wearable Health Technology Integrations

We enable interoperability between wearable health devices and EMR/EHR software to allow healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely, improve the delivery of treatments, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses, all while giving doctors and nurses real-time readings on patients’ blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, and more.

eRx Paperless Solutions

We implement a long list of eRx software features to offer paperless prescription solutions that simplifies medical order processes, payment options, documentation, reporting, and data storage.

eRx Software Features

eRx for Doctors

eRx Software for Patients

EMR/EHR Software Integrations

We integrate third-party healthcare websites, applications, and software APIs to help healthcare professionals overcome administrative and technical challenges in the healthcare industry.


We provide custom integration with DrChrono’s digital health platform to provide billing services for cloud-based apps.

We integrate Veradigm formerly allscripts comprehensive management solutions for large hospital organizations and physician practices.


We utilize Kareo to provide independent medical practices with cloud-based clinical and business management solutions.


We offer custom integrations with CareCloud to provide cloud-based EHR, practice management, and medical billing solutions.


Our developers use CureMD to provide EHR, patient portal, practice management, and revenue cycle management (RCM).


We utilize Epic to provide improved interoperability, combine dashboards & reports, and integrate BI tools in a single governed catalog.


We use AthenaHealth’s network to optimize RCM, care coordination, population health, patient engagement, and EMR management.


We integrate OpenEMR API with your custom EMR solution so that your medical practice can take advantage of its many features.


We integrate added features to your existing Cerner solutions to provide a custom-tailored solution for streamlining EMR workflows.

Chart Logic

We integrate extensions and modifications to your existing Chart Logic system to optimize workflow processes throughout the entire organization.

Third-Party API Integrations

We integrate third-party e-prescribing products with your existing EMR/EHR, practice management, and telehealth software to maximize client satisfaction and streamline your healthcare workflows.

eRx Software

We integrate third-party e-prescription software with your existing healthcare management systems for easy, simplified, and streamlined e-prescription processes.

erx software

Lab Vendors

We integrate third-party lab service vendor software with your existing Hospital Information Systems for enhanced interoperability.

Lab Vendors

EMR/EHR Systems

We integrate eRx software with your existing EMR/EHR solutions to avoid adverse drug interactions based on patient medical history.

EMR/EHR Systems

Health Information Exchange

We integrate Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems with your existing practice management software to easily exchange health data.

Health Information Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription AI, as the name suggests, applies artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in technology to prescribe drugs to patients, analyze a patient's medical history, provide genetic information about a patient and his family, and analyze laboratory test results.

AI-based e-prescription software can help doctors, pharmacists, and other medical service providers analyze patient data more efficiently and make better treatment recommendations. It can suggest alternative medications after identifying possible drug interactions or allergies.

From improving patient safety to reducing medication errors and increasing drug efficiency, the benefits of AI in eRX software cannot be overstated. AI also helps identify trends and patterns in prescribing behavior, which is being widely used to improve overall healthcare delivery.

As the healthcare industry is critical, a small error in the AI algorithms that make decisions can seriously affect a patient's health. Therefore, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data privacy and security of AI algorithms is of utmost importance, as electronic prescribing software requires collecting and transmitting sensitive patient information.

If healthcare software service providers set clear policies and guidelines on using AI algorithms, they can ensure the ethical use of AI in e-prescribing software. They must also ensure that algorithms are transparent and explanatory and regularly assess, analyze, and test the performance of AI systems to ensure that they provide safe and effective care. In addition, healthcare providers must ensure that sensitive patient data is collected and used as per data protection laws and regulations.


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