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Health Information Exchange Software Solutions


HIE Software Development Services

We deliver AI- powered advanced health information exchange (HIE) software solutions to help healthcare organizations enhance productivity and profitability.

Interface Development

Design and implement interfaces for query-based, directed, and consumer-mediated exchanges, facilitating real-time data sharing between disparate clinical systems.

Data Aggregation

Customize and configure flexible health data repositories to make it easier to collect, organize, and aggregate clinical data from multiple data sources.

Architecture Engineering

Engineer cutting-edge HIE architectures using HTTP, FTP, MIME, or HISP messaging protocols, as well as JSON, XML, REST API, and SOAP web-based services.

Compliance Standards

Custom health information exchange solutions adhere to HIPAA, HL7, DICOM, DCA, QRDA, and other healthcare compliances and regulatory standards.

Custom Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solutions

Our custom HIE interface solutions are designed to facilitate advanced, comprehensive, and seamless integrations between multiple clinical data systems with ease.

Interface Transport

Leverage all types of HIE interface transport communication protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, SFTP, Direct, Web Service (SOAP), and more to ensure data transmission.

Interface Messaging

Implement an extensive range of predefined HIE interface messaging protocols and EDI tools, including HL7, CCR, CDA, CCD, HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, NCPDP, and more.

Interface Coding Standards

Utilize all HIE interface coding standards, including SNOMED, ICD-9, ICD-10, NDC, LOINC, RxNorm, CPT, and other clinical coding systems under HIPAA rules.

HIE Interoperability Solutions

Provide seamless integration & interoperability solutions with EHR/EMR systems, practice management systems (PMS), laboratory information systems (LIMS), and more.

HIE Mobile App Solutions

Develop native and cross-platform mhealth applications using JavaScript, React Native, Angular, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and other popular technologies.

HIE Patient Portal Solutions

Develop feature-rich, user-friendly, and secure patient portals that integrate data from multiple source systems and promote next-generation patient engagement.

HIE Data Management Solutions

Engineer custom health data management solutions (HDMS) integrated with health IoT devices to enable full visibility and control over wearables health data.

HIE Software Integrations

Chetu develops HL7-compliant HIE software solutions that enable full interoperability with all medical data management platforms.

Chetu’s HIE software integration services support the transmission and storage of medical data interfaced with the following medical data management systems:

  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

  • Health Information Systems (HIS)

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

  • Practice Management Systems (PMS)

  • Patient Administration Systems (PAS)

  • Personal Health Records (PHR)

Our HIE integration services also target the following medical vendors:

  • Immunization Registries

  • Laboratory Vendors

  • Pharmaceutical Vendors

  • Healthcare IT Vendors

  • Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)

  • Quality Reporting Agencies

  • Emergency Service Providers

  • Local & State Departments of Health

FAQs about HIE Software

An HIEs is a technological infrastructure that enable different healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and other authorized entities to share patient health information electronically.

There are three types of health information exchanges: Directed Exchange, Query-Based Exchange, and Consumer-Mediated Exchange.

EHealth exchanges allow different parties, including healthcare services providers, government-approved agencies and other authorized entities, to access secure and reliable health information, thereby improving patient care, coordination and effectively reducing healthcare costs.

HIE software is used by healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, public health agencies, payers, and other authorized entities involved in patient care and management.

As per the assessment of your needs and requirements, you can choose the best HIE software for your organization. Evaluate various software options and consider several factors such as its cost, its scalability, ease of use and customer support before reaching any decision.

Integrating AI into your HIE software requires an experienced AI vendor or partner. They can provide the tools and expertise needed to develop and implement AI solutions tailored to your organization's actual needs and requirements.

Some examples of AI applications in HIE software include automated clinical documentation, real-time data analysis and decision support, predictive models for disease management, and natural language processing for patient data extraction.

HIE's interoperability solutions make seamless exchange of health information between different providers and organizations possible, improving decision-making and patient care.


Drop us a line or give us ring about health information exchange software (HIE) development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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