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Web Service Programming

Our developers utilize web services to improve application interoperability. Our expertise includes SOAP web services (with WSDL interfaces), XML and JSON file formats, RESTful APIs, HTTP and SMTP transport protocols, OData, DTO solutions, and web services discovery tools such as WSIL engines, UDDI directories, and multicast protocols. We also develop with open standard protocols HTML5, XML, and the TCP/IP suite (FTP, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP 4 and more).

Web Services Integration

We integrate web services into desktop, mobile, IoT, console, and cloud-based applications, as well as search engines, databases, and enterprise intranets. We implement internal and external web APIs as well as custom web services while leveraging exposed third-party web services. Our custom web service solutions and third-party message broker integrations (RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka) facilitate the sharing of resources, data, business logic, and documents using both peer-to-peer and client-server models.

Enterprise Web Services Architecture

We engineer Enterprise Service Architectures (ESA) with custom web services in order to accelerate business processes and limit IT bottlenecks. We build web service providers, brokers, and consumers that conform to standardized service contracts and possess abstraction, autonomy, and granularity. Our comprehensive SOA development solutions include legacy system appraisals, electronic data interchange (EDI) services, migrations, and enterprise service bus (ESB) implementations.

Programming SOAP Web Services

We program custom Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services with straightforward WSDL interfaces for distributed and extensible web servers that are platform-, language-, and transport-independent. We program SOAP web services for more comprehensive enterprise systems that require ACID compliance as well as advanced security and communication capabilities.

Programming RESTful Web Services

We program Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs using HTTP protocols and JSON data for stateless client-server web services that are browser agnostic and cacheable. We use REST when developing data-driven applications, social media integrations, mobile apps, and mashup tools that require substantial scalability, stable performance, and the ability to efficiently reconfigure code.

Programming JSON Web Services

We program custom JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) generators and JSON APIs that implement language-independent, lightweight web services representing robust object and array data structures. We use JSON programming for web apps and mobile apps to transmit structured, serialized database connections. We also use JSON development solutions alongside AJAX applications and RESTful web services.

Web Services Development Tools

We create and implement SOAP, RESTful, and JSON-based web services using some of the best open-source tools available, including:


We use the Restlet framework to build RESTful web APIs with Java. Restlet offers comprehensive routing and filtering abilities, platform interoperability, and the APISpark PaaS for establishing SDKs.


Development of web apps using the Spring web service toolkit. We engineer RESTful APIs and web services (Spring Boot), implement web-based microservices (Spring Cloud), and establish database pipelines (Spring Cloud Data Flow).


We program REStful web services and their correlated Java clients using the Jersey web framework and JAX-RS API to abstract simplified client-server communication and expose data to different platforms.


Custom implementation of web APIs using Swagger's OpenAPI Specification (OAS) tools for designing UIs, programming code, documenting services, debugging, testing, and full deployment.

Web Services Testing

We perform automated and asynchronous testing of our implemented web services using comprehensive testing tools, including:


We use the language-independent Postman REST client, its feature-rich interface, and its Google Chrome plugin to perform automated and exploratory API testing.


Utilization of REST-Assured's Java DSL for seamless automated testing of HTTP-based RESTful APIs. Rest-Assured supports XML and JSON requests and integrates well with Serenity for UI testing.


We leverage the dynamic parameter capabilities of the HttpMaster development tool to automate testing for API calls, web services, and websites using many different data types.


Comprehensive QA testing of APIs using SoapUI tools, including drag-and-drop test-building, asynchronous testing, Mock Service mirroring, and Groovy code creation.

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Chetu is the premier provider of custom web service programming solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our software solutions specialists now to discuss how our SOAP, REST, and JSON web services will help you overcome your software technology challenges.

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