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Enhance your practice management solution with custom software development

Chetu delivers cloud-based practice management solutions & software built with custom features, functionalities, and modules that are designed to automate manual tasks, improve visibility, and streamline workflows. Our AI-powered veterinary solutions are highly advanced and based on intelligent algorithms designed to meet all the requirements of VETS.

Veterinary Hospital Management System

Workflow Management Software

Chetu designs practice management software systems that enable equine, livestock, large animal, and small animal veterinary practices to streamline client communication, process payments, integrate with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), and improve other workflows.

Mobile Applications

Our engineers design custom cross-platform web & mobile apps that deliver telemedicine services, on-demand & emergency veterinary consultants, video chat sessions, appointment scheduling, send/receive electronic prescriptions (eRx) and more.

Pet Portal Software Development

Our web portal designers & developers create pet portals, allowing them to gain full visibility & control over all pet health records, nutrition, oncology, online appointments, treatment plans, reminders, diary notes, and more.

Veterinary Practice Management Software

Pet GPS Tracker Software Development

We program embedded software for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) pet tracking microchips and design Geographical Information System (GIS) programs that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and ISO 11784/11785 specifications.

Inventory Management Software

Our programmers implement custom inventory management modules that allow VET professionals to automatically track their inventory of medical supplies & tools, create purchase orders, and set up automated medical supply & tool re-ordering.

Prescription Management Software

We design our veterinary practice solutions to incorporate an e-prescribing platform (eRx), revolutionizing the way that veterinary hospitals prescribe, communicate, process script requests, process automated script re-ordering, and so much more.

Custom Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions

Chetu’s AI developers create highly flexible and agile veterinary software solutions that enable businesses to keep track of all operational tasks such as animal healthcare, from scheduling and client management to electronic health records and accounting/billing.

Accounting Software Solutions

Whether you run a large or small VET hospital/clinic, you require an all-in-one system that automates card-on-file (COF) payment processing, generates automated invoices, and records expenses.

Client Management Software Solutions

We create a client management module, designed like a patient database or CRM, that enables veterinary professionals to keep track of patients, send emails & text messages, set custom alerts/reminders, and more.

Scheduling Software Solutions

We program scheduling modules to help veterinary professionals to manage their time more effectively, using real-time calendar appointment booking with simple colors, priority levels, status flags & icons, and more to increase clinical outputs.

EMR/EHR Software Solutions

Our engineers implement a module that allows users to keep track of patient details, including patient EMRs & EMRs, vaccinations, prescriptions, laboratory documents, diagnoses information, and many other essential patient details.

Veterinary Telemedicine Features

We jam-pack our custom veterinary practice management software with tons of features, enabling veterinary practices to offer telemedicine capabilities that make it easier for the patients and veterinarians to communicate, schedule virtual visits, diagnostics, animal nutrition and so much more.

Vet Telemedicine Capabilities

  • Video & Chat

  • Video Launch from Calendar

  • Record Video/Chat Consultation

  • Automated Email Invites

  • Two-Way Texting

  • Service Reminders

  • Refill Reminders

  • Client Surveys and Reviews

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Pet GPS Tracking

  • Digital Veterinary EMR & EHR

  • IT Support

  • Patient Management

  • Stock Management


Chetu seamlessly integrates your current or custom-tailored VET system with extra features, as well as other veterinary practice information management system (PIMS) APIs.

Veterinary PMS & PIMS Integrations

We’ll integrate industry-leading Veterinary PMS or PIMS with your current business workflows to provide a seamless user experience at every angle.


Accounting Integrations

We integrate your business systems with the most popular bookkeeping and accounting software solutions to provide easy accounting of every dollar made.


Laboratory Integrations

When we integrate with an LIS, your pet’s lab results will become readily available quickly so that neither you nor your veterinarian will have to wait.


Payment System Integrations

We’ll integrate your business systems with any number of compatible payment systems, enabling fast, easy, and reliable payment processing.


FAQs about Veterinary Practice Management Software

Veterinary practice management software helps veterinarians deal with the day-to-day operations of a veterinary practice. These operations are patient demographics, scheduling appointments, pet vaccinations, genetic diseases, and more.

Veterinary Practice Management Software is a tool that helps manage operations and saves a lot of time and resources so that veterinarians can give their full attention to pet care.

Inventory management is important because of the use of medications, ointments, consumable clinic supplies, pet food, and OTC products in a veterinary clinic. Inventory management is necessary and very important to handle all these items.

PIMS is a Practice Information Management System, an online tool that includes multiple features to manage a veterinary practice smoothly, these features are communication, meeting schedules, inventory management, billing, and more. PIMS is also known as Veterinary Practice Management Software (VPMS) which helps in the smooth running of operations.

Actually, it depends on the demand for veterinarians. Typically, veterinary practice management may integrate with accounting software, inventory software, EMR systems, meeting scheduling software, and communications and marketing software.

Veterinary practice managers can easily manage their daily activities and streamline tasks such as customer retention, better communication with clients, a greater focus on pet care, and maximizing work efficiency by using smart VPMS software. This software will help in improving financial performance.

If you really want to promote your veterinary care, first of all, you will need a website or app, after that, you can promote your website/app online through various social media platforms, referral programs, client feedback, etc. Can and can take help from anyone. The marketing agency that will help you build brand awareness and promote your business locally.

Of course, it can be adapted as per the requirement of the veterinarians to suit the specific needs of their clinic.

Veterinary software or apps perform many communication operations such as scheduling meetings with clients, automating reminders via email or SMS, and making medical records accessible to pets.

If you are going with readymade veterinary software or apps then you must confirm before buying otherwise if you are going with custom veterinary software then you may increase the need for integration of diagnostic equipment or lab systems.

AI is used in veterinary medicine and helps the veterinarian in automated analysis of X-ray radiographs, behavior pattern analysis, and detection of possible animal disease.

We cannot completely rely on AI, after all it is a program that uses human intelligence but the impact of AI in the veterinary profession is positive. AI is helping to solve complex issues related to animal health, predictive epidemiology, diagnostics, and more.


Drop us a line or give us ring about cloud based veterinary software development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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