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SMS and Video Telehealth Platform Integration

We’ll add HIPAA compliant SMS and video capabilities to your telemedicine platform.

Secure File Transfer

Our software development team engineers cloud-based medical video conferencing software solutions with secure data channeling and end-to-end encryption components.

Multipoint Control Units

We program low bandwidth HD medical video conferencing software that connects with multipoint control units (MCU) with automatic resolution matching.

P2P and Group Conferencing Software

We program group conferencing and secure data sharing P2P software with screen sharing, file transferring, and record/stream capabilities.

Self-provisioning Device Integration

We engineer self-provisioning and interoperable medical device integration software to telemedicine platforms.

Scheduling and Appointment Software

We develop appointment scheduling software equipped with real-time meeting capabilities for session or subscription-based applications.

Mobile Medical Conferencing (mHealth) Applications

We use Apache Cordova or Xamarin to engineer native, web, and hybrid mobile medical conferencing applications for Windows, Android, and iOS systems.

SMS Messaging Platforms

We build HIPAA compliant SMS (text) messaging & alerts applications with built-in, one-way and two-way SMS via SMSC (short code) gateways.

Health Information Exchange Software

We engineer secure Health Information Exchange software for clinical decision support of data and imagery (DICOM/PACS).

We Develop Interactive Medical Video Conferencing Software

We develop interactive medical video conferencing software that supports multi-patient consoles (MPC) through on-click video calling, interactive voice response modules, single sign-on functions, secure messaging, and call presence connectivity detection.

Biometric Data Updating Software

We engineer software that updates biometric data from monitoring systems, like Nightingale, to telemedicine platforms, like Iguana or Bionet.

Virtual Office Software

Development of virtual office software with seamless integrations to interoperable EHRs (Epic, OpenEMR, Allscripts, Etc.) for data and DICOM/PACS.

Medical Video Conferencing Platform

We program medical video conferencing platforms with P2P communications, audio/video streaming, screen sharing, and more.

Patient Web Portals

We engineer patient web portals with practice management components like patient insurance validation software (Availity, Emdeon, ezVerify, RelayClearance, etc.) and lab request / result applications (Quest and LabCorp).

Virtual Office Platforms

We develop virtual office platforms equipped with online waiting rooms & triage rooms, HIPAA compliant peer-to-peer video access, and call forwarding & waiting.

e-Prescription Solutions

We build virtual medical office platforms with e-prescription solutions that can integrate with Surescript, Lexicomp, FirstDataBank, RxNorm, and NDC so patients can have full visibility of reordering, tracking, and expiration of their prescriptions.

Enhancing Interactive Medical Video Conferencing with AI

Telehealth has become a more sought-after form of healthcare, and with Artificial Intelligence, healthcare providers can receive significant aid in a range of tasks.

Real-time Diagnostics and Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence presents a way to revolutionize e-visits with real-time diagnostics and monitoring. We can develop HIPPA-compliant video conferencing platforms with AI tools that allow encrypted video calls. On top of this, with our AI diagnostics analyzing patient data during these video sessions, healthcare providers will be given immediate insights into the patient's health.

Speech and Image Recognition

Aside from encrypted video calls, AI-powered speech and image recognition can be the tool to keep track of important conversations and remote image interpretation. Within teletherapy, it can be difficult to jot down notes while also giving your patient your undivided attention; however, AI transcription automatically converts what's been said into text for later review.

Patient Data Privacy and Security Enhanced by AI

Ensuring that e-visits and therapy video calls remain confidential and secure is pivotal to medical video conferencing. Understanding this, at Chetu, we can integrate custom AI security measures to achieve this. Aside from strong encryption, our AI solutions leverage Machine Learning to identify and flag any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Enhanced Telemedicine User Experience

While e-visits have certainly become part of the norm, elevating the telemedicine experience can go a long way in providing proactive healthcare and patient follow-through. Our custom Artificial Intelligence solutions automate reminders, scheduling, and can streamline appointments. Convenience can be taken to another level with AI-assisted prescription services.

AI-Customized Treatment Plans

Personalization is synonymous with patient treatment. Because of this, Artificial Intelligence can be specially crafted to meet your patient's needs–whether through custom treatment plans, secure record-keeping, or recommended prescriptions. On top of this, with a HIPPA-compliant video chat platform, healthcare providers can provide a method of therapy for their patients who are unable or don't wish to meet physically.

AI Integration with Medical Devices

AI integration with medical devices unlocks new possibilities for e-visits. A seamless blend of technologies can improve the telehealth experience and patient outcomes. Technologies like AI diagnostics that offers real-time data interpretation and treatment recommendations, AI fraud detection and how it secures video interactions, or AI transcription can all be seamlessly integrated thanks to our expertise.

We Ensure your Compliance with Meaningful Use & HIPAA

Chetu's healthcare software development, integration, and implementation experts comply with regulatory standards including specifications set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) | Office of the National Coordinator – Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) HITECH's Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2) | Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) | Health Level 7 International (HL7).

We Provide Custom Integrations With Your Current Practice Management Systems and Industry Leading Video Conferencing Platforms.

We provide customized integrations and development services utilizing industry leading frameworks.

We integrate with to provide telemedicine solutions to healthcare providers. We offer HIPAA-compliant solutions and provide secure video conferencing software equipped with virtual waiting rooms.



We provide integrations with Thera-LINK to allow medical practitioners to process payments, share patient records, and schedule online sessions. We also provide solo practitioners access to TheraNest tools so that they can process payments and insurance claims.



We provide solo practitioners and large mental health practices access to TheraNest tools allowing them to process payments and insurance claims.



We give healthcare providers access to SimplePractice’s tools including paperless intake forms, secure messaging, and progress notes, electronic claim filing, billing, and invoicing.



We integrate Vsee into medical practice systems to provide doctors with custom video chat capabilities.



We provide integration with Medici to give doctors the ability to talk to patients via secure text, voice, or video on a HIPAA-compliant platform.



We integrate with Mend’s PredictiveIQ to provide doctors with a full suite of communication tools.



We integrate with Zoom to provide video telephony and online chat services.



Our developers utilize GoToMeeting to provide online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Video Conferencing Software

Video chat software is made HIPAA compliant with features like access controls, audit logs, secure data storage, and end-to-end encryption. With these features working in tandem, patient data is protected and meets regulatory requirements.

No, not all video conferencing software is appropriate for telehealth as some don’t have the necessary security measures that keep medical and patient data safe.

Yes. Conducting medical appointments are safe to do so with HIPPA-compliant video chat software as they prioritize the privacy and security of the patient and healthcare professional.

Similar to in-person sessions, HIPPA also applies to teletherapy as it mandates confidentiality and secure communication between the patient and therapist.

Artificial Intelligence can improve security measures significantly by preventing unauthorized access, identifying suspicious activities, and upgrading data encryption as a whole – maintaining compliant and secure interactions.

No. Chatbots and virtual assistants can be made to be HIPPA-compliant if they’re made to adhere to encryption and access control standards alongside handling data securely.

At Chetu, we leverage industry-standard end-to-end encryption like AES-256 to safeguard chats and video calls.

We utilize strong encryption algorithms to protect data at rest. This kind of encryption ensures that datasets like recordings, transcripts, and other pieces of patient information are stored and secured – protecting confidentiality.


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