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Navigating Innovation With Custom AI-Powered GPS Tracking Solutions

Custom Global Positioning System Solutions

Harness the power of GPS with Chetu, whether you're integrating location monitoring into your existing software, identifying addresses and landmarks with geocoding, or delivering targeted messages with location services, our experts can handle it all.

Weather & Traffic API Integration

Our API development delivers custom real-time location monitoring software across GPS networks, and integrate with third-party weather and traffic APIs, delivering real-time, actionable, spatial and environmental data.

Logistics Management & GPS Fleet Monitoring

Logistics Management & GPS Fleet Monitoring

We program real-time routing and re-routing solutions, for efficient GPS fleet tracking and logistics management. This fleet management software integrates with location-based software and GPS monitoring technologies.

GPS Software Integration

GPS Software

We develop custom location monitoring APIs for asset monitoring devices to integrate with existing enterprise software applications, and these mobile app features include IP detection. We also integrate with 3rd party mapping APIs including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps.

Geocoding Development and Integration

Geocoding Development
and Integration

Chetu's team creates geocoding software with API integration, designed to identify street addresses, landmarks and other areas of interest, and accurately locate land features, optimize routes, and make informed decisions based on both addresses and geographic data.

Custom Reverse Geocoding Software

Custom Reverse Geocoding

We program reverse geocoding capabilities through integration with third party APIs. We then gather information on particular coordinates and develop applications with custom mapping display features.

Location Services and Targeted Messaging

Location Services and
Targeted Messaging

We integrate location services marketing automation tools, including beaconing software, through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other technologies, which deliver targeted messages and analyze customer data.

Custom GPS Mobile Tracking App Development

Chetu’s custom app developers design intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that track location accurately utilizing powerful GPS mapping with no service interruption. Plus, we can seamlessly integrate any third-party mobile device platform, delivering enriching experiences and error-free real-time data reporting.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Our customized driver behavior analysis apps accurately monitor, measure, and report drivers engaging in unsafe maneuvers such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, and other risks. Gain invaluable, proactive insight into how drivers operate vehicles, mitigate accidents, and reduce expenses.

Multiple Devices, Users, and Map Views

We can create seamless multi-device GPS tracking experiences to enable error-free monitoring of vehicles and assets with connected and intuitive dashboards. Implemented within fleet tracking, Chetu streamlines workflows, delivery schedules, and supply chain management processes to enable seamless, uninterrupted deliveries and promote end-user satisfaction and client relationships.

Cloud-Based GPS Tracking

Chetu’s Cloud specialists leverage this powerful resource with customized GPS tracking programs to offer real-time remote fleet and asset monitoring, secure data storage and monitoring, and enhanced data security available within cloud computing. Increase your flexibility to manage assets efficiently with Chetu’s Cloud-based GPS tracking software.

Push-Based Notifications

Chetu creates personalized push-based notifications to enable prompt alerts and monitoring of vehicle and asset departures, arrivals, and deviations from predetermined routes. Our software specialists design customized notifications to facilitate faster response times, reduce bottlenecks, and create proactive strategies promoting efficiency, communication, and safety.

AI-Integrated GPS Asset-Monitoring

By integrating AI with GPS technology to create a custom asset tracking solution, Chetu’s expert developers enable organizations to have enhanced operational efficiency, automated processes, and greater cost savings.

Data-Powered Insights

Our easy to install vehicle tracking system solutions provide real-time data analytics that give valuable insights such as mileage, moving time, vehicle maintenance, and fuel costs. With technologies like AI and cloud computing, our experts can empower your business with AI-powered data insights that will streamline processes with an intelligent and powerful infrastructure.

Driver Allocation Optimization

With machine learning and predictive analytics, our developers can optimize driver allocation and dispatching, ensuring that the jobs will be completed on time and as safely as possible. This ultimately ensures improved driver safety and increased customer satisfaction.

Route Optimization

Leveraging real-time GPS data like weather, traffic, and more, Chetu’s AI-powered tracking solution can help businesses optimize the routes drivers will be taking. This efficient approach leads to better decision making, lower fuel consumption and transportation costs, and minimizes travel distance.

GPS Tracking Software: Frequently Asked Questions

The type of software that allows you to monitor the location of assets, vehicles, or people in real-time using GPS technology. The software collects location data from GPS-enabled devices and displays it on a map interface.

GPS technology has several benefits, including improved safety and security, increased productivity and efficiency, better customer service, and reduced operating costs. By tracking your assets, vehicles, or employees, you can optimize your operations, reduce theft, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Any business with assets, vehicles, or employees needing to be monitored can benefit from GPS systems. These businesses include transportation and logistics companies, construction firms, field service organizations, and delivery companies.

The features you should look for in a GPS system depend on your specific needs. However, some essential features include real-time tracking, geofencing, alerts and notifications, historical data reporting, and integration with other business systems, such as CRM or ERP.

AI is utilized in GPS to determine the best route selection using stored map information, making GPS a form of artificial intelligence, according to researchers such as Duffany, 2010.

The benefits of using AI in GPS tracking include improved accuracy, reduced costs, increased safety, and enhanced efficiency. By using AI to analyze data from GPS-enabled devices, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure compliance with regulations.


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