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Our client has been an integral facet of the agricultural technology ecosystem for over 20 years, marrying new technologies and traditional agriculture to grow production and minimize loss. Their solution integrates with preexisting, business architecture to collect data from a range of sources within an agricultural setting. From there, the client’s solution, generates analytical reports to help improve all aspects of the operation.

Although they are best known for their primary software, they also leverage a paid forum platform. By segmenting these two platforms, the client was debilitating their interoperability. Realizing there is growing movement to integrate infrastructures and unify IT experiences, the client decided they wanted to remove the barriers between their two operating systems.

To move forward with the software integration, the client reached out to Chetu to spearhead the project. Chetu developers immediately got to work streamlining the bulletin software with the client’s flagship software to forge a more refined user experience.

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agricultural software that went through software integration

Jumpstarting Forum Software Integration with UI/UX Modernization

The project was compartmentalized in a series of phases. In the first phase, we needed to modernize the existing website, drawing from current UI/UX trends to engineer a sleek, usable format. During the modernization, we had to keep the content consistent with the client’s preexisting content.

We also had to create the training videos for all the existing links, incorporating explainer videos and how-tos to circumvent the new modules. Our Chetu experts determined the client’s project was best suited using dynamic content to update the videos, images etc.

In the second phase, we began on the forum software integration, in which users will come to application, ask their questions, and post answers. The forum software is built in PHP scripting language, and uses MySql as its database of choice.

Creating a Robust End-User Experience

During the integration, Chetu utilized the following technologies…

  • .Net Framework [4.5]
  • JQuery, CSS 3.0
  • Team Server [Configuration management tool]
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • IIS v 7.5
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • PHP:- 5.6.3
  • Mysql:- 5.6.21
  • Apache:- 2.4.10

The client’s static website that we worked on interlinks with their cloud-based, primary offering. Our solution includes the following menus/functionalities: History, Smart Help, Reports, Payroll, Budgeting, View & Edit, and Downloads. The client wanted the paid forum to have the same look and feel as the static site, eliminating the dissonance between the two.

Through the static site, users can navigate to the application, and we have incorporated the paid forum into this application. The menu mentioned above, helps the user transition through a series of modules.

For the payment module in the forum, we implemented a custom validation functionality and integrated the stripe payment gateway. Each customer is verified and redirected to the forum section or resource library, a redirect that aligns with their request. Customers can create profiles, which they can login into upon repeat visits.

Within the forum, users create new forum posts that display on the homepage of the forum section. End users can review the newly posted content in real-time. All posts and resources from the resource library are archived for later access. Within the resource library, we added a download functionality from the ftp server where the latest newsletter is displayed.

Overall, the client received a robust and modern medium to distribute their services through. The updated site better reflects who they are as a company, illustrating how much they have progressed during their three decades within the agricultural industry. The main application and the forum software now have an ongoing dialogue that supports the interoperability between them, making this software integration another Chetu success.

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