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The Client │ Health & Fitness Asset Management Service

The client is a SaaS (Software as a Service) organization specializing in asset management in the health and fitness industry. They provide solutions for club owners, service providers and manufacturers by using a combination of latest technology, data intelligence, best practices, and proven business processes. Their solutions include software as a service, incremental training, ongoing support and the client equipment label kit for problems associated with health club equipment management and maintenance. With over 23 years of experience in fitness equipment and repair maintenance their expansion to asset management was planned and developed to provide an innovative and high tech product for their customers.

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Project Calls for Complete Rebuild of Legacy CRM

The client was searching for a software development firm to rebuild their legacy application (in PHP ) that was used for scheduling, job assignment, dispatching and accounting of their field staff. The objective was to revise and re-build this application from scratch using latest Salesforce technologies. They were also looking to create an enterprise global application that will allow technicians, manufacturers and users communicate seamlessly. The application needs to be responsive from both desktop and mobile device—streamlining desktop-to-mobile experience was one of the client's main concerns.

Salesforce is a CRM solution that resides in a cloud-based network. The power of Salesforce lies in its scalable software platforms that companies can customize and segment according to the needs of different departments or small business units. Using Salesforce, Sales can manage the entire sales process from the very first interaction to the closed deal. Marketing can leverage various automation tools through the Salesforce platform, including media integrations customer support units can promptly track and respond to cases.

Salesforce Technology Nurtures Relationships Between Vendors

The client requested we use Salesforce technology to do a complete restructure of their legacy application. The client used their application for scheduling, job assignment, dispatching and accounting of their field staff. The new application system would require:

  • Functional flaws be improved
  • UI improvement
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Manual functions automated
  • Login access to manufactures, dealers and users
  • New organization of invoice submissions

Our team of developers organized the invoices submissions for the application. The organization strategy required a few reports: single work orders, multiple work orders, service order timestamps, quality control report, post work completion approval, parent work orders, unit miles and hours and travel reimbursement. Only new invoices were assigned to be updated in the new application.

Overall, the client wanted a replica of their previous application with a few changes and improvements. The Salesforce technology was implemented seamlessly leaving them with a fully functional enterprise level application for their business with mobile and desktop interoperability. New invoice data was migrated leaving older parent data in the previous application. Manufacturers, dealers, and users are all able to access the applications contents for better communications between vendors.

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