Emy's Vacations is an independent travel agency headquartered out of Orlando, FL. Emy's Vacations primarily serves internal work-study programs, but they were looking to expand far beyond this demographic. Operational Director, Ahmed Saleh, wanted to propel Emy's Vacations forward in the market, by creating a custom booking portal to receive travel requests from all over the world. Prior to engaging with Chetu, their bookings came through a third-party agent but with Chetu's help they migrated to a dynamic booking portal capable of sustaining a growing customer base.

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Ahmed came to Chetu looking for travel site development and integration work. They sought to expedite the process and go to market within four to five months since the idea of expanding their company through an online booking portal had been in the works for some time.

Emy's Vacations intended for the portal to serve as an interface for reservation management and online bookings. Ahmed needed the portal to be multi-faceted and intelligent-flight bookings, hotels, transportation, and all features comparable to big names in the travel industry.

In order to create the full-service web application our client desired, Chetu's Sabre Authorized Developers integrated their hotel and flights booking with Sabre's Global Distribution System (GDS). For consumers who wanted to utilize the portal as a booking agent, Emy's wanted to include a request-for-booking system. Chetu designed this system to cater to healthcare tourism and religious travel, per the requirements of the client. The request-for-booking function provided suggested travel timelines and weekly deals and promotions.


Technologies Implemented:

Chetu used the Microsoft technology stack for server-side technologies and bootstrap UI framework with Ajax for the client-side technologies. We instituted the following to bring the Emy's Vacation vision to life:

  • Web booking API for flights and hotels, which was then integrated into Sabre GDS
  • Web payments integration with Authorize.Net API
  • Responsive Web UI, targeted for multiple devices
  • Web Admin backend with bootstrap-based UI theme, used for administration and booking management

The Impact:

Chetu brought the concept to code and delivered a robust reservation management portal to Emy's Vacations. The finished product has the following capabilities…

  • Creates a user database from consumers who register through the site
  • Allows users to search for flights and hotels available in real-time
  • Users can see all details of the flights and hotels, booking them directly from the portal
  • Login info and purchase data is stored internally
  • Booking request functions with Emy's Vacation staff, available through online system

Our contact, Ahmed Saleh, spoke highly of Chetu's accommodations and attention to detail, commenting on how, "Chetu is amazing in terms of technicalities." Moving forward, Ahmed plans to extend the mobile capabilities and evolve the UI/UX.

"I hope to continue with Chetu in the future, after we see some success with our booking portal," says Mr. Saleh. Chetu also hopes to maintain this relationship as well. Harish Palaniappan, Director of Operations is optimistic about Emy's Vacations expansion in the future-"our client left with a product capable of even more than they intended, vacations packages, weekly deals, rail tickets, car rentals, and more. They will certainly see success with this portal."

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