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By Atit Shah

Client Overview

With headquarters in South Florida, this client is a mortgage investment firm focused on investments in mortgage credit—whole loans, mortgage and asset-backed securities, servicing rights, and mortgage-related equities.

They provide a wide range of services, including managing pooled investment vehicles, providing mortgage-related advisory services, and operating as a top-rated residential and commercial special service provider.

Cumulatively, this client manages billions in assets.

Boardroom overlooking cityscape of mortgage investment firm using Chetu for automation testing
Boardroom overlooking cityscape of mortgage investment firm using Chetu for automation testing

Project Overview

The Problem:

The Chetu team is working with the client's internal Java team for RAMM intranet, instituting enhanced unit and load testing procedures for the multiple projects the client is currently juggling.

The client contracted Chetu to automate the process of testing by implementing Selenium Scripts, and to outfit their service flow with documentation of model-type, asset attributes, and service layer information.

Overall, this is a performance optimization mission to improve run time by leveraging JUnit test cases and invoking application services via third party services and databases.

The Fix

Planning and Development:

In updating Selenium Scripts, Chetu developers collaborated with the client's in-house team, who had previously worked on their native code. This update required Chetu to run Selenium suites on a daily basis and modify accordingly, translating into a day by day progression.

Technologies Implemented:

Chetu utilized the following technologies to accelerate the client's in-house progress…

  • JUnit 4
  • Selenium
  • REST and SOAP services
  • Java Programming

In order to form a coherent and uniform code, Chetu became fluent in the client's native coding standards and mirrored the in-house coding.


Chetu's relationship with the client is ongoing, but we've certainly seen successes thus far. The update will allow the client's in-house development team to unit test their code without impacting other modules. By running Selenium scripts, the client will able to validate the functionality of their system.

Chetu continues to compartmentalize the pre-existing language and third party libraries in order to service the client more efficiently.

Boardroom overlooking cityscape of mortgage investment firm using Chetu for automation testing
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