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Chetu's client is an innovative medical software provider that encourages smarter workflows by optimizing the processes inherent to advanced healthcare. This case study examines our client's flagship product, a cloud-based EHR system, and the steps Chetu took to bring their product to market.

The deliverable standardizes healthcare, focusing on mobilizing patient care to unify the outpatient and hospital care experience. Rather than limiting mobility to a single workstation or device, our client aspires to streamline the experience through the cloud, granting access to any provider or patient with internet connectivity.

This is holistic solution to mobilize medicine by allowing providers to easily complete anesthesia records and improving point of care. In addition to producing groundbreaking, electronic health systems, this client leverages extensive medical resources—several in-house medical doctors facilitating a successful merging for medicine and technology.

doctor holds anesthesia medicine before using ehr software
doctor holds anesthesia medicine before using ehr software

Project Overview

This client recruited Chetu's healthcare IT experts to perform an intensive EHR and medical device integration overhaul in support of the modular architecture of their flagship software. The client sought to create a mosaic of 3rd party integrations to:

  • Veradigm formerly allscripts
  • Neximatic
  • SurgiSource
  • Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites
  • Medac
  • Mind Rey
  • Philips device
  • Simple Admit



Chetu leveraged the following tools to meet the integration demands…


Funneling a multitude of channels through a singular system often causes difficulties for developers; however, Chetu engineers familiarized themselves with the communication of each channel and tailored processes to the native languages. Windows services and Mirth Connect eased this process, while Dell Boomi served as an integration tool—allowing us to define and implement different systems without pushback.

Leveraging our partnership with Veradigm formerly allscripts, Chetu instrumented Veradigm formerly allscripts TouchWorks and Professional EHR certifications. From these platforms, users can view patient schedules, demographic information, and insurance data. The data is filtered through the proprietary software to generate a PDF, which uploads back to Veradigm formerly allscripts. The Neximatic devices then connect to patient monitors which capture real time vital sign data, enabling healthcare professionals to load patient data to the software. This greatly reduces filing time and offers an alternative to manual records.

Recognizing that billing processes are always a pain point for the healthcare industry, Chetu instituted an outbound charge capture process that generates the charge capture XML from the proprietary software and transmits the information to billing companies. Together, these processes and technologies orchestrate a robust EHR system that significantly improved system efficiency for our client.

doctor holds anesthesia medicine before using ehr software
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