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The Client │ Corporate Massage Services

Over the past decade, the paradigm has shifted, putting a magnifying glass to workplace climates. Now, companies regularly introduce innovative employee programs to increase morale and induce positivity. These office-sponsored programs have emerged in the form of rewards programs, clubs, and other stress-alleviating activities. Some employers have tapped into the purest form of relaxation with corporate massage centers, and one of recent clients is responsible for the delivery of these services.

The client oversees a network of in-house massage therapists who travel to corporate locations, providing their therapy offerings to businesses hoping to reduce employee stress level and nurture employee-employee relationships. These services are accessible through an online scheduling agent, a platform from which corporations can book appointments and pay directly online through their payment processing system.

Inevitably, in lieu of their company growth, the client developed a need for scalable software solutions capable of evolving alongside them. Their service menu was rapidly expanding, tailored to corporate events, corporate spa days, private events, gift options, and health fairs. Although they had friendly and capable staff members, their website misrepresented this. The client brought their development needs to Chetu after determining a website overhaul was necessary.

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Custom Web Application Integrates With Scheduling API

Custom Web Application Integrates With Scheduling API

Prior to contacting Chetu, the client's website was unresponsive and outdated—it often encountered bugs, discouraging repeat use and customer involvement. Chetu carefully outlined the project objectives, the number one objective being to create a user friendly interface that is interactive. The site had to integrate with MindBodyOnline, an API the client was leveraging as a scheduling and administrative assistant.

We were tasked to engineer a site that communicates with the client's API and presents a robust set of functionalities dictated by their set of business needs. Through the site, administrators would be able to navigate through job requests and appointments. A portal would allow users to create an account, storing login information for later access.

The client envisioned a platform where visitors could request home or corporate massages. Once the request is submitted, staff would be able to accept the job, reject, or reschedule. When a job is selected it will create an appointment on staff's calendar and sends confirmation to both client and staff. Clients will be able to sign up and be able to view their appointments and all historical information from past appointments or payments. Once the massage is performed then client has the ability to write a review. The integration with the client's third-party application allowed us to add clients into any of the services, access client information and manage client data, complete sales for services, and retrieve staff profile information and permissions.

Streamlining Desktop-to-Mobile Experience with AngularJS

During the application development process, Chetu engineers leveraged the following technologies…

  • HTML5
  • Angular JS
  • CSS3
  • MindBodyOnline API

Chetu's experts estimate that more than half of web-browsing is carried out through a mobile device. Taking this statistic into consideration, the client requested a multi-channel system, supporting acces to their site through their cellphone. To accommodate an increasingly mobile user base, Chetu built Android and iOS applications replicating the functionality of the web application.

Chetu's programmers used PhoneGap as the application framework, allowing them to build natively installed mobile applications using web development technologies. First, they turned their attention to the web application, thereafter, engineering the build for the iOS and Android apps. To build a solid foundation, our developers utilized HTML to write the user interface, CSS for layout and styling, and JavaScript for interactivity and interoperability.

The multi-page application architecture broke the application into multiple discrete HTML pages, enabling them to function more like traditional web pages. Each page or HTML file contains a finite and discrete set of functionality with limited client-side updates. Chetu leveraged JavaScript libraries which provided familiar and easy frameworks for common tasks, greatly increasing productivity.

The application was tightly integrated with MindBodyOnline platform using their API. They are now able to manage staff and clients, process sales, and schedule appointments. When staff accepts the job then system will check the availability and schedule appointment automatically. If there is no availability set the staff will need to confirm the appointment which will then set the appointment and update calendar. Staff and client profiles will be managed, and from the system administrators can enable and disable users.

Overall, this custom application has allowed the client to become significantly more approachable to online users. All facets of the operations benefited from the mobile functionality, allowing customers to book appoints and staff members to view their schedule. Administrators have complete autonomy over the site, adding information, removing profiles, and changing marketing collateral with ease. The best part of the final deliverable is its scalability; it will grow with the company, requiring very little maintenance.

Streamlining Desktop-to-Mobile Experience with AngularJS
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