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University's E-Learning Portal Lacks Scalability And Customization

The client is a renowned, US-based university established during the 19th century, recognized for its profound contributions to medical research. Not only are thousands of scholars enrolled for on-campus degree programs, but thousands more rely on online offerings exclusively, receiving the college's academic, clinical, and advanced research programs through online collateral.

Several years prior to their partnership with Chetu, the client developed a database-form Computer Learning Program (CLP). Although this solution served as a satisfactory jumping off point for the university's online presence, it lacked the scalability required to outfit the growing student body. The legacy CLP was plagued by rudimentary features and lacked customization.

After coming to terms with the limitations of their current software solutions, the client contacted Chetu to build a more intelligent CLP interface, architecture that would morph to the ever-changing educational climate.

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Out With The Legacy System, In With The New

To bring their vision to fruition, Chetu engineers designed a comprehensive project plan illustrating a new web-based solution that incorporated all of the features the legacy CLP failed to address. The application would include a full business life-cycle to cover the diverse demands of college curriculums and training programs. This translates into a course material repository, a resource for student to access when enrolling or partaking in evaluations.

From the administration perspective, the application would grant access to a series of modules, and when engaging with the modules admin could manage the course-related materials, enrollment details, courses offered, student information, test results, and other preliminary details.

Armed with its vast experience developing e-learning solutions, Chetu collaborated with the client to carry out their project plan, implementing the latest technologies to minimize future maintenance. Special attention was given to make sure that the platform not only addressed the current needs of the client, but was scalable and had the necessary flexibility to support future enhancements.

An Ongoing Relationship With Chetu

The application featured a separate module for easy management of course details, and provided course administrators the ability of publishing this information online. The reporting module also allowed course administrators to generate various reports according to their needs. Students could access this online platform to complete their course registration, online tests, retrieve scores and credit details, enrollment and even make payments.

Chetu delivered a complete configurable and robust e-learning portal within three months, and minimized traditional development costs by 70% . With their new web-based e-Learning platform, the client was able to easily manage all the institution's courses and generate student and course related reports in real time.

This solution led to the removal of most of the old manual processes, saving the university time and money. The Chetu team has continued to support this platform with any new changes and enhancements. The client was so satisfied with the delivered results it has already enlisted Chetu to implement additional features.

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