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The client is a leading US-based sweepstakes system provider for businesses across multiple industries. Originally, the client was licensing their sweepstakes software through a 3rd party vendor. However, this arrangement costly and cumbersome for the client, causing rifts in operational flow.

To streamline processes, the client decided they would invent an in-house sweepstakes gaming software solution capable of hosting a large suite of games that could integrate with point-of-sale applications.

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The client collaborated with Chetu to engineer a gaming platform with the design and development architecture that would address their needs holistically, leveraging a team of expert developer to transition their idea from concept to code.

By building an in-house Sweepstakes gaming software, the client would minimize licensing costs while offering a fully-loaded suite of advanced customization and reporting features to its customers. The Chetu team needed to build a sweepstakes platform with a finite math engine that could be calibrated to support different payout percentages.

The system would also need to accommodate future endeavors, existing as a highly expandable and scalable entity capable of wearing many hats to facilitate a growing gaming interface.


Drawing on its vast experience in the gaming vertical, Chetu teamed up with the client to design a Sweepstakes system where the gaming engine and database resided on a central server, while the gaming terminals hosted the game skin and animation.

Chetu's solution allowed the client to gain autonomy and control over their system, paving the road for future additions. Chetu developers designed the application with minimal maintenance in mind, utilizing a central cloud server to support all the client's online gaming functionalities.

Using our unique delivery model, Chetu was able to deliver a complete, fully-customized and configurable Sweepstakes gaming software with a point-of-sale application within 6 months, which saved the client up to 70% on development costs.

With Chetu's in-house Sweepstakes software, the client was able to offer its customers a better gaming experience while eliminating the costs incurred by 3rd party licensing, further reducing their operational costs and maximizing profit potential.

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