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The client was looking to venture into the competitive market of digitalized medicine with a totally integrated electronic health records and practice management system that could benefit both physicians and patients. Electronic Health Records surfaced during the 1960's, and have since transitioned from a convenience to the standard for the healthcare industry, a change ushered in by the technological explosion inherent to the digital age.

Technological providers, such as this client, are no longer capitalizing from EHR adoption, as manual filing is an archaism in today's market. Instead, individual EHR platforms are marketing specialized functionalities to establish themselves amongst competitors and forge an individualized need within the saturated market. The issue of Interoperability has come front and center for EHR data exchange, considering medical institutions require a highly scalable architecture configured with many different access points.

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Understanding the market demand—an easy-to-use EHR environment with a powerful UI/UX capable of accommodating an evolving user network-the client sought out a development partner with prior experience in electronic record framework. They decided to collaborate with Chetu after reviewing Chetu's portfolio, populated by 18 years of successful EHR and healthcare technology projects.

The client's envisioned a one-click approach to patient care management, an unparalleled health record intelligence that would facilitate the cross-platform communication all healthcare professionals are looking for. To carry the client's vision from concept to code, Chetu began with a detailed project, outlining the techniques required to develop the one-click patient care management EHR.

Chetu developers then began building the code, engineering a fully-functional operating platform that would provide a new level of intuition, opening the doors for affordable clinical and administrative information exchange. The platform would integrate with legacy systems without hassle, drastically improving patient and provider experience from check-in to check-out by streamlining operations for physician practices and ambulatory clinics.


Chetu implemented a single sign-on Web-based EHR and Practice Management solution with features including…

  • Tethered Patient Health Records
  • Automated Results
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Medication list
  • Allergies
  • Patient Education
  • Registration
  • Consent Documents
  • Automated Patient Appointment Reminders
  • Integrated Scheduler
  • Intra-office Communications
  • E-Fax, Encrypted E-Mail, and Direct Connect Digital Signature
  • Integrated Claims and Billing
  • Integrated Merchant Services
  • Search and Sort Capability
  • Automated Patient Notifications
  • Internal or External Billing
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard

Chetu developed an EHR/PM/PHR platform that is based on the latest standards and codes (LOINC, HL7, Snomed-CT, RX-NORM, CPT, ICD-9 mapped to ICD- I 0, HCPCS, CDA, CCR and more) to support all integration (Claims/Eligibility Check, Electronic Payment, Electronic Prescription, Electronic Labs, Drug Database & Interaction, Zynx Health Integration, USPS – Address Lookup Database) and interoperability requirements.

Chetu also helped to achieve meaningful use objectives and went through ONC certification with lnfoGard and got ONC-ATCB Certified to complete the EHR solution. The customer is now able to offer its customer base a fully-certified product at a very competitive price. With the development and support provided by Chetu, the client was able to reduce their development and operational costs by 50-60%, channeling the budgetary resources they saved by outsourcing development into product marketing campaigns.

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