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The Client │ Global Leading Economic Development Company

Our client provides solutions for economic developers to attract new business and retain/expand existing business within their community. The industry leading solution is built natively on the world's most powerful mapping software, Esri.

Using ArcGIS Online, the client assures business and government leaders of a community's economic potential by sharing compelling, data-driven maps and reports in their application. To ensure a communities revenue stream, the app provides accurate data on workers, customers and locations to diversify business, drawing interest from tech, retail, healthcare and more. The app also functions as a resource package that gathers, manages and analyzes neighborhoods in terms of needs, trends, and spending habits to assure retailers that your community is a sound investment.

Our clients industry leading solutions "Recruit" and "Story Maps" get the job done. Recruit enhances the site selector experience and site utilization by simplifying data selection and sourcing, including 15,000 unique demographic data variables. Story Maps is a web map thoughtfully created with supporting information so it becomes a stand-alone resource. Story Maps integrate topographical depictions, legends, text, photos, and video to provide functionality such as swipe, pop-ups, and time sliders that help users explore this content. The client can attest to 100% data consistency and accuracy across all users and the most accurate demographic data available in out-of-the-box "presentation ready" reporting.

The Client │ Global Leading Economic Development Company
Client Requests Esri Arcgis App Augmentation

Client Requests Esri Arcgis App Augmentation

The client's vision was for users to view their competitive standing by logging into the application as a prospect would. This new perspective helps businesses better monitor their listing in real-time, analyze how they can improve and gain advantage over other businesses. In addition, the client requested an upgrade of ESRI ArcGIS API from Javascript version 4.4 to 4.8. In order to develop the new feature, our team augmented the backlog of the application and merged code with their developers.

How Our Esri Arcgis Developers Ensured Success

The Chetu team analyzed the development environment, source code of the existing database and architecture of the application. We developed the TypeScript Code and fixed the TypeScript deployment issues, set-up their database on Azure into our local database and developed the ring buffer area of observation on the Esri map integration. Our experts also diagnosed and corrected the map design issue through TypeScript modifications.

During the development process we utilized the following technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • SQL Server 2017
  • ASP BoilerPlate Framework
  • Entity Framework
  • TypeScript
  • .Net Core
  • Team Foundation Server [Configuration management tool for internal development]
  • ArcGIS API
  • Javascript 4.8

Chetu is an Esri Partner, we strive to further our initiative to develop and deliver industry-leading GIS solutions and services on the ArcGIS platform. Our experts had the knowledge and industry experience on the expansive set of contextual tools and capabilities (spatial analytics, imagery and remote sensing, mapping and visualization, real-time-GIS, 3D GIS, data collection, data management) that businesses leverage on for location-based and data analytics, analyze the flow of the entire application, and work on every module present in the client's Esri app.

How Our Esri Arcgis Developers Ensured Success
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