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FinTech Platform Disrupts Financial Service Industry with Single Sign-On Integration

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THE CLIENT │ FinTech Platform Provider

Our client is an innovative, FinTech-powered membership benefit organization that offers broad shared-services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and independent wealth advisors. Since its start in 2017, the California-based firm aggregates and integrates a full suite of FinTech products, services, and support to equip independent advisors on their autonomous journey to financial freedom. They scale the infrastructure and resources often found at the largest broker-dealer firms to accommodate small-to-medium sized business owners.

They alleviate the common stressors inherent to selecting, implementing, and subsequently navigating through a network of platforms and providers. The peer-to-peer community provides advisors with support and collaboration opportunities to ensure the best business practices are being used. Our client focuses on two main concepts, holistic business enablement and advisor adoption.

By understanding the start-ups and entrepreneurial pain points, our client assembled a roster of best-in-class products and solutions for their clients to implement at their disposal, including:

  • RIA Friendly Full-service Broker-Dealer
  • Independent corporate RIA
  • Custom TAMP Solution (including ALTS)
  • Alternative Investments
  • Investment Banking
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Business services including HR, IT, payroll, compliance, and group health benefits
  • Membership Equity
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Exclusive FinTech membership platform unlocks Financial Independence

The platform’s exclusivity stems from its robust toolbox, a set of features that facilitate greater productivity for daily operations. The membership platform provides access to all the tools wealth advisors typically use with one single sign-on (SSO) portal, uniting all functionality under singular software network.

The mission was clear—provide members access to everything they need to succeed at the click of a mouse. Their executive suite is backed by 30 years of financial service experience, so when they began their quest for developers, the demand for the same wealth of industry experience was paramount.

Chetu’s 18 years of industry-specific program development sealed the deal. Our engineers were tasked with creating a multi-level categorized hierarchy structure for the FinTech platform dashboard, along with a new design. We needed to implement the SSO functionality, add the membership plan options, pricing, and the steps for additional product subscription implementation.

Building the Roadmap to Smarter Business Practice

Prior to beginning the project, we administered QA testing and aggregated data—data specifically related to targeted browsers, devices, and Operating Systems. This research was then applied to formulate a design document, indicating the technological approach and associated deadlines.

During the developmental stages we leveraged the following technologies:

  • Web Server: Node server
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Library: React JS, Node JS
  • Database: PostgreSQL (9.5.3)
  • Version control: NA
  • Security component: JWT, OAuth, SAML

For the application, we implemented React JS (JavaScript Library) and bootstrap to build the design and layout of the dashboard, login and other pages available on the application. In the administrator’s panel, RIAs can manage business solutions, advisors, products and membership plans. All web services have been created in NodeJs to provide advisors access to the backend functionalities like as registration, login, and membership.

Through the access control layer (ACL) functionalities Admin can manage different type of user profiles to provide specific permissions. PostgreSQL database was used to store the data on the platform. Our team of developers implemented the SSO functionality with different types of authorization services like OAuth, Salesforce, and Query string and are currently being used with the product partners successfully.

The registration web service was created with all required parameters and is currently used on the marketing website to enroll the users onto the FinTech platform. The web service can fetch the product details from the database according to the membership plan and display them on the FinTech Dashboard. The user can only access the products that are included in their subscribed membership plan, but can also subscribe to additional products based on the product price.

The finished project embodied the vision set for the platform. We have provided advisors with the tools they need to operate their business efficiently, offering these tools through a singular access point. This has greatly reduced the time wasted on cross-platform navigation.

At this time, the application is utilizing the Stripe payment gateway to take the payment for plan subscriptions. In the future, we will partner with this client again and implement PayPal payment services, broadening payment options and improving end-user experience.

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