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The customer is a Fortune 500 multinational telecommunications corporation that provides mobile and fixed telephone services worldwide. This organization is among the largest in the United States in terms of yearly revenue. Looking to evolve their current offerings and maintain their positon within the telecommunications hierarchy, the client conceptualized an interactive kiosk application where users could browse through product and service information.

To keep maintenance low, the kiosk application needed to be highly accessible, a platform administrators could easily tap into to adjust information, add additional components, or remove outdated features. In order to bring their vision from concept to code, the client sought Chetu's developmental services.

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Chetu's objective was to create a kiosk application to provide the client's employees access to the latest products and services being generated by their Evolving Technology Group internal teams. The application would feature compelling visuals that refresh dynamically based on the settings chosen on the administrative section and would consist of a two part process through a kiosk and web-browser.

On the kiosk, users would be able to select the products or services of their choosing to go directly to their email address with a link that would redirect them to a web-browser with the information requested. The application would include an interactive comment section designed to capture user feedback regarding the information made available on the platform. As an added security measure, Chetu needed to integrate the client's employee database into the proprietary platform.


Drawing on our extensive kiosk application development experience, Chetu developed a solution with strategically designed modules to manage both user and administrative functionality. The administrative module allows only authorized users to setup the products and services that will be available on the platform. This information can include images and video files and can be changed dynamically, and rendered to the kiosk in real-time.

The Kiosk/Web user module allows users to browse through the product or service information available on the kiosk that was added by the administration. The kiosk user swipes their company batch to access the system, the system reads the data from the swipe card reader and authenticates the user information with the employee database hosted online. Once authorized, users can browse through the information and select the products or services of their choosing to be sent directly to their email address. The email sent upon request contains web links to access the product/service selected at the kiosk.

The solution provided by Chetu was delivered on time, within budget, and exceeded the client's expectations. The interactive kiosk developed by the Chetu team will be deployed in three technology centers across the United States, providing employees the ability of retrieving information regarding the company's latest products and services anywhere at their convenience.

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