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Client Overview

In the food and beverage industry, there is one imperative among the rest that largely dictates the operational flow: the point of sale software. Our client is a merchant service provider who caters to hospitality ventures by offering robust POS solutions. For over 30 years, this client managed merchant transactions through their payment technologies, approaching every consumer interaction with a refreshing commitment to service, mobility, value, and integrity.

A waiter at a restaurant using a point of sales system reprogrammed by Chetu.
A waiter at a restaurant using a point of sales system reprogrammed by Chetu.

Project Overview

The client's preexisting point of sale solutions were only offered in English, but considering the global scale of their target market, this aspect inhibited their marketability considerably. Chetu was contracted to program the client's user interface to support multiple languages through all payment channels and reporting modules.

Because their legacy system was built using old language and a faulty coding foundation, Chetu reverse engineered the native code and reengineered using a functional system of build.



Because the original application leveraged VB6, Chetu programmed the solution in the same language, to create cohesion between the old and the new and maintain the unified build required for integrative work. Chetu also utilized the following:


Using VB6 mobiles for language translation, Chetu created a system where the client could quickly instrument additional languages as needed. To successfully expand the language compatibly of the client's application Chetu:

The Process:

  • Updated Crystal Reports to alter languages
  • Altered localization settings to format, dates, currencies, and numbers
  • Reconfigured all messages and front-end text

Each text entry was stored separately within the database in the form of a key-value pair. This method made adding a new language as simple as formulating a key-value pair entry in the desired language. The system was self-evolving, capable of loading the settings at the run time and updating the UI internally.


The finished code supports multiple language and the client can sell their product to countries where English is not the first language. As the company expands, the Chetu solution will support as many languages as the client requires without demanding code maintenance.

A waiter at a restaurant using a point of sales system reprogrammed by Chetu.
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