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We have continued to expand our international following, breaching new territories in Europe and Latin America to build a more diverse technological network. We recently completed a collaborative project with a client from the Netherlands. This client is a leader in audio and video streaming technology, pushing their software solutions and hardware to customers in need of media management capabilities.

Their selection includes players, encoders, cloud-based audio platforms, and complete solutions for streaming over the internet. These solutions influence players within the hospitality and retail landscapes.

Chetu worked on the view layer of the application. On the view layer, there was already an application that was using AngularJS as front-end technology, but it was experiencing a functionality deficit. We went in to implement a new view layer, with a more robust set of functionalities.

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We mutually agreed ReactJS was the clear choice for the user interface, React-Redux would also be used for APIs (Saga and Reducers). We needed to use mock requests and responses to intergrate the API documentation with the application.

From the beginning phases of our relationship, the client made it clear that they were ready to move full-speed ahead with the development. For this reason, we were able to move forward without any roadblocks, as we eliminated all uncertainties and doubts proactively.

When collaborating on a global scale, communication deficits often arise. Our international campaigns circumvent communication barriers by catering to the client's time zone, matching their business hours, and adapting to their internal processes.

Although our client was based in the Netherlands, and we worked together without meeting on the same geographical plane, the development progressed as smoothly as it would if we were sharing a singular workspace.


During the development we leveraged the following technologies…

  • ReactJS version 15.4.2
  • Webpack version 1.13.0
  • Yarn package manager version 0.18.1
  • Windows 7

We used react-bootstrap to implement basic level components. Though we had basic components to use for the presentation layer, we had to implement a middle-level component to keep the look and feel of all elements (components) homogeneous across application.

All components inherited attributes from the basic component, utilizing a base CSS that we applied across the application. The portal has already been developed using AngularJS, so it contains all the screens for reference.

Essentially, we produced a react application that would complement the preexisting streaming environment. Knowing Redux only supports synchronous data flow, we implemented a simple user flow to respond to actions, data, and updates. The user flow follows the path below…

Component <->Reducer<->Store

The middleware handles two tasks. It first handles the asynchronous calls, and then it mitigates the data response, communicating with reducers to handle the responses synchronously.

In the end, we completed the API documentation, sending an adaptable view layer into the world. The client's streaming software functioned more efficiently and required less maintenance. We have maintained our relationship with our Netherland's client, mapping out further development and outlining future engagement.

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