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Times have officially changed in terms of how we communicate. Websites have substituted voice calls with online brochures and push-notifications. The rise of the internet has ushered in a new wave of IT challenges and further evolved the way we exchange information. Now, conversation is instantly delivered and occurs much more fluidly – a paradigm shift that has reshaped content management.

Academic institutions have been forced to embrace communication technology, in an effort to strengthen connections between districts, faculty, and parents. School Pointe, a Columbus-based CMS provider that serves over 2,500 schools is the bridge between those institutions and their connections. School Pointe represents an extensive umbrella of software products for schools and school districts to manage and share information in today’s digital world.

School Pointe, Inc. builds responsive websites, mobile apps, online form solutions, and facility management tools to equip educators with everything they need to create a unified environment with parents and the community. They leverage professional website design services and ADA compliant tools to provide all consumers with a seamless user experience. Custom designs and templates provide each school with an authentic look, incorporating school colors and logos.

To streamline back-office, administrative processes and maintain open channels of communication, School Pointe has committed to continuous development. They have curated multiple tools and applications, each tackling a pain point within the current academic climate. SchoolPointe's Stay Connected App and FacilityPointe include a robust set of features:

    SchoolPointe's Stay Connected App features:

  • Headline news and information: Find out what is happening in your district with a swipe or touch of your finger.
  • Calendar of events: Search all of your district's upcoming events and add them to your calendar.
  • School and Staff directories: Instantly find teachers' and administrators' contact information.

    FacilityPointe's features:

  • Maintenance & Resource Management
  • Ticketing System
  • Transportation Management
  • Facilities Rentals and More
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On their mission to modernize administrative processes and keep parents in the loop, School Pointe launched the Formality App. Formality provides improvements to document management, allowing users to easily fill out and submit documents online in a timely manner. Administrative users can create and upload forms online which they can access instantly, while end-users, such as parents, can simply fill out permission slips and other documents from their mobile device.

Formality features:

  • Web Based
  • Submission Notifications
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Secure Database
  • E-signatures

Our relationship with School Pointe began back at CUE 2017. Chetu made a lasting impression, guaranteeing efficient and quality service at the highest regard. School Pointe had partnered with outsourcing companies in the past, so when Chetu approached Christopher Weeks, President at School Pointe, he expressed some concern about outsourcing again.

After developing the Formality application, School Pointe determined they lacked the bandwidth to implement and deploy the next step on their development roadmap – a secure online payment processing API.

Chetu transformed Christopher’s perception of IT outsourcing. We assigned School Pointe a dedicated project manager to keep Chris updated on how the project was progressing. Our business model eliminates any doubts or concerns on the clients end with open lines of communication at all times.

Chetu freed up our internal resources to focus on flagship products and other important tasks.

-Christopher Weeks,
president of School Pointe


The project required our developers to integrate Braintree API payment services into the existing Formality application. Braintree is a full-stack payment gateway that makes it simple to accept payments from multiple vendors and merchants. Initially, there were still some manual processes involved in the sign-up process. We engineered a functionality that would allow customers to sign-up by themselves online. In order to complete the project, we had to integrate an online payment gateway using the Braintree API and develop a multi-tenant architecture where customers can modify their logo and other details.

School Pointe also requested that we create service plans and implement subscription offerings to customers based on customer ID and plan ID. Lastly, they required a recurring payment system for services.

The Braintree payment gateway API gave way to the following features:

  • A centralized payment service module
  • Proper authentication and authorization
  • Proper Error handling
  • Easy to use wrapper on top of Braintree payment service
  • Data security during transit using SSL
  • Data security during rest using encryption

During development the Chetu team leveraged the following technologies:

  • Scripting: JavaScript/JQuery
  • Framework: .NET 4.7,
  • Database: MySQL 5.7
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2017
  • Subversion: Team Foundation Server
  • Browsers: IE9/IE10, Firefox, Chrome.
  • O/S: Windows (64 bit)
  • Language: C# 7.0

Our Chetu developers ultimately provided School Pointe an online payment processing API that can drive higher conversion with Braintree’s innovative payment technology. Moving forward, we will continue to be the back-end support for School Pointe’s flagship products whenever they deem necessary.

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