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Student Information System Software

Elevating The Learning Experience With AI-Powered Student Information System Solutions
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Custom Student Information System Software Design

Chetu's knowledgeable e-learning and education developers build cloud based student information applications and perform seamless student information system (SIS) integrations. We ensure your platform has critical student information management system functions including course registration, transcripts, scholastic grade results, schedule building, attendance tracking and enable bilateral communications of other student data-reliant applications. We design custom Student Information Systems for schools: Public K-12, Charter, Parochial, Private Schools, College, University, Higher Education, Day Care Centers, Preschools, Online and Trade schools.

Student Information System Solutions and Apps

SIS Integration

We integrate SIS software systems with Learning Management System (LMS), content authoring tools and third-party administration systems. This provides streamlined workflows with predictive analytics for identifying student patterns, behaviors and needs for personalized education or interventions.

SIS Records Solutions

Student Information Systems

Chetu's developers program centralized records repositories to organize contact information, schedules, tuition information, health information, disciplinary records and much more. Practical user interfaces display customizable workflows, open architecture, integrations and data migration services. Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) can be integrated and unlimited user electronic identities created.

SIS Portal Development

SIS Portal Development

Our developers integrate scalable portals for students, parents, professors and teachers, as well as student application submissions portals for tracking prospects. We create self-service student user portals that can be used to view grades, transcripts, personal information, and school-wide bulletin boards; engage in direct student messaging; and access or update courses.

Student Disciplinary Tracking

Student Disciplinary Tracking

Our developers engineer discipline management modules, which include incident tracking and reporting, custom documentation, and penalty tracking features, as well as integrations with parental notification systems. We make this bothersome student records systems task much quicker with detailed documentation, customized reports of incidents, detention attendance lists and mobile apps for direct data viewing. Academic offices utilize web based student guidance information system for its multi-user access and documentation capabilities.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

Our student information software solutions for the front office make managing student finances easy. Our developers create automatic services for billing, student financial tracking and course payments. Our accounting modules, include features for financial aid management, general ledgers, funding, vendor invoice management, check reconciliation, and account payable reports.

Student Information Apps

Student Information Apps

Our dedicated e-learning software developers build Customized Student Information applications that collect, organize and maintain student data through custom web based mobile and desktop applications. Features include scheduling models, which include student/teacher availability planners, intuitive interfaces for online course selections and manual scheduling and adjustment tools.

Student Enrollment & Onboarding

Student Enrollment & Onboarding

Our student information system programmers develop custom solutions for student enrollment. We make onboarding smooth for students and administrators with our platforms for guided onboarding. These include customizable enrollment steps with video orientation, welcome emails, online slide presentations, digital handbooks and other content. Easily integrated with existing student information systems (SIS).

Student Attendance Monitoring Tools

Student Attendance Monitoring Tools

Monitor attendance easily with our custom attendance modules, programmed to include roll call management, attendance reporting, and real-time attendance status views that show whether a student is present, late or absent. We program notification applications with mobile alerts that report attendance via phone call, text, or email.

SIS Student Services

SIS Student Services

We program multiple student service modules for higher education including career guidance, supplemental programs, extracurricular activities, classes, on-campus jobs, internship and externship opportunities, and more. Online bulletin boards allow students to join clubs, sign up for intramurals and find out about events happening on campus. Careers services advise students on what career path is right for them and job boards post open positions.

SIS Documents Management

SIS Documents Management

Our programmers help keep your SIS Software in order with support for customizable document management and imaging solutions, with features for uploading and downloading documents, images, Excel files, batch uploads, signatures and more. Eliminate unnecessary paper and automate your files for cost savings and environmental benefits. Our development team creates powerful Student Information Systems (SIS), School Administration and School Management Software for your School, University, or higher education institution.

AI-Powered Solutions For Student Information System Software

Chetu’s adept software specialists design and enhance student information system applications to exceed the demands of different learning styles by creating customized scholastic grade results and analysis, schedule creation, attendance tracking, and communications to ensure student success. Our expert software developers utilize and deploy cutting-edge, AI-driven resources to optimize student information systems for various educational institutions.

AI-Driven Virtual Learning

Chetu’s AI software experts design customized virtual learning programs to promote student engagement, facilitate enhanced teacher relationships, and ultimate create immersive learning experiences. Leverage the power of AI to provide intelligent tutoring with real-time instructional assistance and feedback, accurately simulating one-on-one human interaction with a tutor. Additional capabilities include course recommendation and relevant study materials.

AI-Enabled Personalized Learning

Chetu’s dedicated developers know the value of personalized learning. Our software experts design and integrate personalized learning features driven by AI. Our customized learning resources enhanced by predictive analysis enable unique insights into student grades and how specific tasks are approached and performed, allowing educators to leverage data-driven records to create personalized learning paths to boost student comprehension.

AI-Enabled Attendance Tracking

Chetu’s software experts deploy accurate attendance tracking programs and eliminate human error associated with manual data input. Our dedicated software developers enable accurate data collection and monitoring in real time to reduce repetitive, record-keeping tasks. Cutting-edge AI-powered solutions incorporate capabilities such as automated attendance recording through facial recognition or biometric systems. AI-driven analytics and insights can identify attendance patterns.

AI Virtual Learning Assistant

Chetu’s AI experts augment virtual learning assistants to personalize student onboarding, promote valuable relationships with peers and staff, and with 24/7 availability, Chetu’s customized virtual learning assistants enable immersive learning experiences while providing support for all admissions processes. Our intuitive learning assistants utilize Natural Language Processing to reduce teacher burdens while providing students with immediate access to critical information while answering inquires.

Customized Academic Planning Platforms

Chetu’s expert-level software developers create intuitive student progress tracking and monitoring programs enabling educators to track progress in real-time, while powerful predictive algorithms enhanced by our skilled AI software experts forecast which students and in which academic subjects are at-risk, immediately alerting instructors to create customized interventions ensuring academic success.

AI-Powered Course & Curriculum Management

Chetu’s software specialists design and integrate customized course building and management tools to assist educators with creating engaging lesson plans promoting student retention, engagement, and with data-driven insights, educators quickly identify student strengths and deficiencies and adjust lessons in real-time to facilitate maximum student comprehension. AI-powered capabilities include course demand forecasting, curriculum assessment, and automated scheduling.

Our E-Learning & Education Software Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Student information system software is a computer program used to track and manage student records, grades, and other data related to student performance.

A student information system typically stores information such as student contact information, academic history, schedules, transcripts, test scores, health records, and other pertinent data.

Student information system software can help streamline administrative tasks, improve communication, and provide teachers, students, and parents with real-time access to critical student data.

User interfaces for student information systems vary by vendor, but generally include web-based interfaces, mobile apps, and desktop.

AI can be used to automate administrative tasks such as scheduling classes, managing student records, and providing personalized learning recommendations.

AI can help reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, and provide more personalized learning experiences for students.


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