The client is a family-run homeschooling resource and e-learning collateral provider, shaping young minds and aiding in the preservation of politics, entrepreneurism, and intellectualism. From the late 1980's the client has catered to the homeschooling movement, continually evolving their online selection to outfit the modern student with relevant learning material.

From their e-commerce storefront, the client advertises holistic curriculums for all educational levels, including materials in subjects ranging from phonics to foreign language. All of their offerings encourage a deep understanding and subject mastery, and reach audiences across the world.



Prior to collaborating with Chetu, the client operated from a homegrown PHP-based e-commerce system to bring their offerings to market and tap into the wide consumer network they had developed over the past 30 years. However, as the average consumer became increasingly digital, their legacy system became increasingly archaic.

Digitalism has ushered in a series of profound advancements in UI/UX; consumers now expect a highly interactive and intuitive interface programed with all of the latest features. The client recognized that their website misrepresented their brand. Rather than mirroring the intellect of their groundbreaking offerings, the website functioned in opposition, exhibiting poor usability that discouraged consumers from committing to their products.

The e-commerce site uses Vimeo as a marketing medium, an opportunity for visitors to visualize the scope of the client's programs, extracting from the site a clearer picture of who the client is and how their offerings ignite excitement about learning.

Vimeo is a video-sharing community, a platform from which users can upload, share, and watch high-definition videos. The repository features diverse cinematography which translates into a worldly audience, considering there is content to match every subject matter and individual preference.

The client contributes their own video content to Vimeo which they promote through their site. Obviously, the videos they upload run smoothly through the Vimeo platform, but the video placed on-site were stunted by lag and low resolution. In order to eliminate the discrepancies, the client included Vimeo API maintenance in their project demands. This maintenance would resolve the mismatched video quality, ensuring that Vimeo videos played consistently.


To combat the shortcomings in their current architecture, the client recruited Chetu to customize the preexisting functionalities and revamp the UI to better convey their offerings. The client compiled a list of the following must-haves:

  • User Account Accessibility
  • Cart Abandonment Processes
  • Progress Indicators
  • Email Shipping Notifications

During the development process Chetu's developers leveraged the following technologies…

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apache 2.x
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PHP 5.5
  • AJAX
  • jQuery

The client wanted to enhance the checkout functionalities on their current e-commerce site, assimilating to the new industry standards. Chetu's checkout solution included a progress bar and live chat support, two functions inherent to a responsive design. In terms of responsiveness, Chetu focused on streamlining the UI across all devices to develop a cohesive brand experience as consumers navigate from desktop to mobile.

All abandoned shopping carts save to an individualized consumer profile, allowing users to login and complete their purchase at any time. The login, register, and product review functions stem from an API integration. Using Ajax and JSON, Chetu reengineered the wishlist to better coexist with the new shopping cart. Users have the capacity to delete their wishlists and cart data from their profile after logging in. To complete the checkout process, Chetu integrated the PayPal PayFlow payment gateway, a fully functional payment processing mechanism.

Although Chetu programmed the code necessary to meet the client's checkout demands, the success of the checkout system was completely dependent on the strength of the inventory management infrastructure. At first, the client was manually manipulating the inventory per transaction, a highly time-intensive and error-prone method. Chetu transitioned the client to a more automated option that displays inventory in real-time so that at the time of order all parties are aware of item availability.

Chetu optimized the Vimeo content on the homepage using Ajax, enabling quick load time and quality playback. Now, the Vimeo API runs cohesively with the rest of the e-commerce site. Chetu's project with this client resulted in a dramatic increase in interoperability; all working parts, new and old, work together as a whole system. The unified whole improved UI/UX and formulated an e-commerce front that better represents the client as an industry leader.

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