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This client is a leading e-learning company that develops and implements educational technology to improve learning. They have spent 15 years perfecting their products focusing on the needs of associations, nonprofits and government agencies. The Software as a Service (SaaS) Learning Management System (LMS) incorporates content in the form of quizzes, exams, learner-assessments, discussion forums and certifications. The courses are designed to fit the learning preferences of clients using an adult learning theory for revolutionary performance improvement.

Currently the client provides following services:

  • Custom eLearning courses
  • Immersive learning simulations
  • Specialized learning portals
  • Hosted Learning Management System
  • Hosted Course Authoring Software
  • Streaming web video
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people managing sales tracking data and order management data


During the onset of the clients' relationship with Chetu, the demand for their e-learning product was rising and the need for an updated data tracking mechanism became pertinent. Our team suggested they create a sales report by extending data from their Moodle platform to the Magento Enterprise platform for seamless sales data tracking. The client agreed and requested the sales report retrieve sales data, payment methods, configurable values for targeted reports, save data in an updated database, and generate sales reports gathering the data from Magento, as well as their own platform.

Magento data tracking and order management capabilities provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience by having product inventory sell much easier. It also allows you to adapt to changing customer demands quickly and helps identify bestselling products, to make sure that they are always available for customers to purchase. Customer expectations increase by the day, which is why Magento is one of the top platforms helping e-commerce business stay ahead of their competitors.


Chetu leveraged the following technologies to carry the client's vision from concept to code:

  • Linux
  • Apache 2.2
  • SQL Server
  • PHP 5.3
  • C++
  • GIT (Versioning control system)

Chetu began by strategizing how to organize the sales report solution for the client. Chetu would include two menu options: a configuration page and view report screen.

The configuration page was divided into Basic Configuration, Payment Configuration, and Site License Mapping.

  • Basic Configuration: Basic configuration page will be used to save static text values, storage API selection and scheduler time selection.
  • Payment Configuration: Payment configuration page will provide the functionality to assign AHI payment code to the payments methods coming from Magento payment API.
  • Site License Mapping: Site license mapping will be used for the root site license mapping.

The View Report screen will have the list of all the generated files details, and the user will be able to download any of them.

As for functionality, Chetu extended the clients Moodle (PHP) platform with Magento web service. To retrieve the sales data, our developers registered the client with Magento web service in XML-RPC. The parameters for the data report were "Order ID" and "Credit Memo ID". The web service grabs all invoice records greater than the 'Order ID' and all credit memo refunds larger than the 'Credit Memo ID'.

The same was done to grab all the active payments methods available in Magento. The configuration screen will facilitate the admin user to save configurable values for the targeted report, Magento payment methods "ahip code," and Site license mapping.

The configuration page as described above provides an interface to the admin user to store the values of the fields. All the field values will have a default value associated with it, and the default value can be overridden by the user entered data. The client's software platform, Moodle, will get the response back from Magento web service and save the data in the database. Chetu used MySQL to create new database tables.

The client left with an intuitive deliverable sales tracking mechanism that is organized for data readability and accessibility. Their updated platform now has the capacities to handle a large influx of sales data as they continue to grow their e-learning business. Chetu continues to support this client with any upgrades needed or issues they come across with the platforms.

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