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Modernize your LMS User Experience by Upgrading to Moodle 4.0

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey


Online courses have become an essential part of many educational institutions. By going digital, schools have expanded their student bodies and course offerings. To provide a uniform learning experience, most institutions rely on a learning management system that allows instructors and learners to organize classes, submit assignments, and communicate back and forth.

Schools around the world use the Moodle LMS platform to empower their curricula. It is an exciting time for Moodle users because the company is about to release a new version, Moodle 4.0. This update is not just about patching minor issues. The latest improvements directly address the quality of a user’s experience.

In preparation, Moodle has gathered feedback from stakeholders across the Moodle community: administrators, developers, content creators, and students. By learning more about how people use the platform, the company has prepared an update that improves the overall user experience.

UX Improvements in the Latest Moodle Update

UX Improvements in the Latest Moodle Update

User experience was the priority for the Moodle 4.0 update. Users will find helpful upgrades that improve course organization and platform navigation.

The “My Courses” Tab

Any upgrade that removes unnecessary clicks is an improvement. In version 4.0, Moodle has added a designated My Courses tab. This addition provides a shortcut to the most relevant information for content creators and learners. They can access a list of their active courses will a single click.

This upgrade is part of Moodle’s move to a horizontal navigation system. On each page, users will find a simplified menu of fixed navigation tabs. The new setup creates an intuitive path from login to course-specific information.

The Course Index tool is another beneficial innovation under the My Courses tab. For each course, the instructor sets up a unique index guiding students to specific lectures, discussions, and assignments. Learners can find all the resources they need in just two or three clicks.

Secondary Navigation Menu

A secondary navigation menu sits beneath the primary menu on each page. By keeping the primary menu in place, the user will always find an immediate path back home. The order of options on the secondary menu comes from priorities indicated by user research. For this reason, Settings options are higher on the list than in previous versions. Educators frequently use them to manage their classes.

Less-utilized navigation tools are always available. Users press the More button to access these overflow options.

Simplified Course Completion Tools

The latest Moodle update also introduces some learner-focused features. Clear deadlines and progress reports help motivate students to finish their assignments on time. The assignment interface simplifies information to give students a clear picture of expectations. Every task comes with a place for open and close dates for submission. The interface now includes badges that help students gauge their progress with individual assignments and the full course.

Responsive Design

Technology has changed since Moodle began in 2002. At that time, remote learning involved people sitting at desktop computers with large screens. However, the ubiquity of smartphones has made it necessary to adapt the format of Moodle 4.0. The platform now has a fully responsive user interface. Users can access every aspect of the platform from screens of any size.

Preparing for the Moodle 4.0 Update

Preparing for the Moodle 4.0 Update

Upgrading Moodle will make the platform easier to use for both instructors and learners. However, if teachers have complex classes that involve many files and assignments, simplifying the format will improve the Moodle 4.0 experience for students. Well-organized classes will integrate smoothly with Moodle’s navigation upgrades.

Educational institutions might want instructors to review their currently available classes to see if they need some cleanup. Seasoned instructors should look at their earliest content designed when they were less familiar with the platform.

Putting Files in Folders

When instructors start a new course, they will pull together a series of readings, lectures, and demonstrations. At first, it may be simple to list each file one by one. However, as the course becomes more complicated, the long list of files will be daunting for learners. Moodle provides an organizational system of folders and subfolders for a simpler course structure. Placing related materials in the same folder offers a logical framework.

Moving Text into Books

Moodle Books are another organizational tool to use in preparation for a Moodle 4.0 update. A Book on the platform acts as a miniature website that allows easy navigation from section to section. For offline reading, users can download the text in a Moodle Book as a printable pdf.

Books on Moodle are a flexible resource. Users familiar with H5P can add HTML-based activities as part of the content. Using this resource turns plain-text documents into interactive learning tools.

Placing Links in Pages

Content creators do extensive research to develop a course. Often, they will provide a list of links to related pages. For students, a wall of links can be overwhelming, and they are unlikely to access many of these resources. Placing links on an organized page alleviates this problem. Instead of a list of URLs, the instructor can enter the link as descriptive text. Working with a Moodle Page lets the instructor group links into related categories.

Displaying One Section per Page

Another way to clean up a course involves choosing how the platform displays lesson sections. An instructor can make a long lesson student-friendly by using the “Show one section per page” display option. The student uses the arrow keys to move between sections. This display form gives a stronger feel of progress that keeps learners engaged.

Experienced Moodle Developers Will Provide a Smooth Transition

Experienced Moodle Developers Will Provide a Smooth Transition

Moodle 4.0 will arrive at the end of 2021, and educational institutions will quickly realize the benefits of the upgrade. By reaching out to the Moodle community, the company has incorporated improvements that make the platform more accessible while providing a rich educational experience.

If an institution or instructor realizes the need for more resources, a Moodle development team will provide a next-level experience. Knowledgeable programmers can build resources like a custom Moodle plugin for a unique, course-specific learning activity. The improvements of Moodle 4.0 combined with the work of professional Moodle developers will enhance the online learning programs of any educational institution.


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