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Personalized Learning Management Systems

E-learning has become an extremely popular way for employees and students to learn new material in the work place and at school. Numerous global Fortune 500 companies currently utilize education technology. In addition, Public K-12, Charter, Parochial, Private, College, University, Higher Education, Day Care Centers, Preschools, Online and Trade Schools e-learning use has increased by phenomenal numbers. Custom LMS Development, Integration and Implementation have helped in learning, productivity and revenue.

Chetu's experts in e-learning software development and educational app development teams implement and personalize learning management system (LMS) software for your needs.

Simple Start

LMS Software Development

Chetu's custom LMS developers can rapidly deploy your learning management system. Courses and learning paths that utilize video, audio, text, surveys and more are swiftly added in SCORM, xAPI or AICC, the industry standards for content interoperability. An unlimited amount of pre-built courses and integrations can be provided, as well as a cloud-based system for users to engage anywhere, anytime.

Custom Learning Paths

Custom Learning Paths

Your members will stay on track more easily with tailored learning paths. Our LMS paths enable you to build step-by-step educational guides for employees. The structure can be effortlessly divided into chapters and sequences, each containing practical exercises, tests, games and more. Personalized notifications can also be set up so the right people are alerted to completed assignments right away.

LMS Cloud Solutions

LMS Cloud Solutions

Storage space has become a luxury in the digital age but in the cloud-based LMS solutions Chetu's developers build, it's a non-issue. There is no limitation on gigabytes that can be used or files that can be uploaded. Content, such as online videos, presentations, graphics and more can be uploaded as much as necessary.

Rich Learning Environments

Rich Learning Environments

Our developers drive learner success with features that make e-learning fun and far-reaching. Gamification brings courses alive with 2D and 3D graphics, avatars, quests, badges and more. Real-time communication tools provide support for discussions, personal messages and calendar integration. Blend e-learning with instructor-led training events both in person and through incorporated video conferencing.

Access Across Roles

Across Roles

Platform managers can provide specific levels of access to anyone using Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC). Administrators can manage subscriptions and billing and access universal reports. Business managers are able to utilize a robust scheduling tool. Managers can send messages to groups and individuals and learners can see all courses in a catalogue and track their own results.

Integrated Learning Management System

Integrated Learning
Management System

Our programmers use responsive design features that include HTML5 publishing, native support, geolocation/localization support and multi-screen viewing. We customize integrations to third-party systems and APIs, including xAPI. We also perform large-scale data migrations using third-party LMS platforms like MuleSoft and SoftChalk. And we can add single sign-on functionality using Clever SSO. When it comes to LMS Integration and LMS Implementation for e-Learning Chetu is tops in the industry!

Our E-Learning & Education Software Development Solutions


Learn more about our custom LMS development systems; drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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