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SCORM Learning Management System Development

Chetu provides low-cost SCORM Learning Management System Development

Chetu delivers custom power packed SCORM integrations with industry leading Learning Management Systems.

Authoring Tools Development

We develop and integrate authoring tools for course, exam, and template creation, including storyline editing, plus pre-loaded custom templates. We develop custom content curation engines including seamless integrations to LMS / LCMS and workflow automations.

Content Management Application

Content management application development including learning object creation, customization, course library, course publishing, and other features. We program custom catalogs, student/instructor directories, and student rosters, and wait lists.

Adaptive Learning Software

Adaptive learning software development including real-time data capture and analysis, cognitive modeling, content assessment, sequencing, and scaffolding, plus database management and storage programming. We develop custom branding functions, custom data entry fields, and User Interfaces (UI).

Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development using HTML5, cross-platform, Short Message Service (SMS), and push notifications technologies for iOS and Android. We engineer offline functionality using local storage, offline libraries, and caching, as well as by programming automatic server updates to save progress during offline-mode.

Custom SCORM Learning Management System

At Chetu, we develop, integrate, and customize learning management systems using SCORM tools, such as SCORM Cloud, SCORM Engine, and SCORM Driver. Custom SCORM Learning Management System (LMS), Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), courseware, and adaptive learning software development.

Directory Access Protocol Solutions

We develop and integrate directory solutions, like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), to access and maintain distributed directory information over the Internet. We engineer import/export and editing functions for multiple file formats including DOCX, HTML, XLSX, CSV, PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG, PPTX, EXE, MP3, WMV, RTF, plus others.

Web-Based Training Software

We develop Web-Based Training (WBT) for native, and mobile learning environments, including distance learning, onsite / live training, and blended / virtual classrooms using custom, proprietary, plus open source frameworks. We integrate synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning applications including social learning frameworks, messaging, multimedia, video conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP), discussion boards, games, email, and other technologies.

Learning Content Gamification

Gamification of learning content using 2D and 3D graphics, avatars, challenges, quests, multilevel games, activity feeds, leaderboards, points tracking, badges, rewards, progress bar, tracking, interactive multimedia, dynamic feedback, and more. We engineer registration and resource management modules for managing class size limits, individual user plans, prerequisite requirements, resource scheduling, course payments, and more.

Case Study: E Learning Platform

Seeking automated and improved features, ADEA contracted Chetu to enhance its online tool to help prospective dental students discover more information about the nation’s 76 dental schools. Chetu delivered a solution that allows for a side-by-side comparison of academic institutions, notetaking ability, bookmarking features, tooltip functionality, interactive calendars, and improved administrative access and backup capabilities.

Get More From Your LMS With Custom SCORM Solutions

Our developers have years of experience delivering custom SCORM Integrations. We augment your Learning Management with custom add-ons and features.

Portals and Sign-up Modules

We help to provide companies with an easy-to-use solution for their eLearning courses, built with single sign-on modules and easy access through a corporate portal. We also integrate with corporate intranet using white-label platforms so that employees can access their information and complete training efficiently.


We build plug-ins for documenting, tracking, reporting, administering, and delivering learning processes. We also integrate platforms for instant messaging, threading discussions, video conferencing, and more.

Responsive Design

We utilize responsive design techniques, like HTML5, for adapting content to mobile devices. We program and integrate authoring systems to create interactive digital content.

Authoring Systems

Our developers engineer authoring systems to effectively publish e-learning content across mobile, web, on-site, and cloud-based platforms using tools like Articulate, Blackboard, Captivate, and Storyline.

Payment Processing

We program payment processing and allow for the control of purchased content to transfer seamlessly from the e-commerce platform to the LMS / LCMS of corporate users. Our development team integrates content management systems (CMS), LMS platforms, and e-commerce platforms to allow end-users to purchase online courses from library catalogs.

Instructor Platforms

Our highly skilled team of developers create the architecture that allows instructors to lead webinars and interact with multiple students on an integrated platform. We develop the platforms to support self-paced tutorials for independent studies.

Custom Moodle Integration

At Chetu we integrate open source LMS platforms like Moodle with adherence to the latest in SCORM and AICC standards. We create modules for registration, rosters, curriculum management, content repository, assessment, and transcripts.

Student Academic Services Platforms

We develop student academic services platforms for enrollment processes, tuition and fee statements, transcripts, and schedules. We engineer secure user portals for application submission with automated admissions software.

Get More From The Software You Already Use With Custom Integrations

Chetu integrates your current Delivery Management Systems with industry-leading EPOD solutions.


We utilize PerformancePro’s integrated learning management system to support development with on demand content.


Our developers integrate with 360Learning to offer collaborative authoring tools, built-in feedback loops, and learning analytics.


Chetu uses Mindflash’s e-learning platform to provide intuitive training solutions for employees working from home.


Chetu integrates with Absorb LMS engineered to inspire accelerated learning, fuel business productivity, and drive successful results.


We use the Docebo Learning Platform to automate learning management, and facilitate informal learning.


Our developers use LearnUpon Learning Management System to help you deliver corporate training at scale.


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