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The client, a workflow management software company, chose Chetu's Autodesk experts to convert files from Revit to XLS and better serve builders.

Parameters From Revit Models to XLS Files

Parameters: From Revit Models to XLS Files

The client provides a workflow management suite software for builders that includes integrated workflows, accounting integration, scheduling, purchasing, estimating, models and options manager, sales and builder portals.

In the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry professionals edit files using multiple tools/platforms and it is imperative the files are exported to a format that is compatible with that technology. To better serve builders, our client needed their workflow management suite to deliver Autodesk Revit file conversions.

Chetu, a certified Autodesk Service Provider Select partner, provided data file conversions from Revit to XLS. Our objective was to export Revit data from a model into a data file that can be placed in the workflow management suite's builder portal or consumed by an outside platform.

Journey: Convert and Display Files to the UI

Our developers analyzed the client workflow management suite and provided a tabular representation of each field in the UI (User Interface) with the database field it goes to and it's corresponding business logic. We presented the table to the client for any feedback/modifications.

Additionally, a proposed enhancement to the UI was implemented to allow end users to "like" match criteria. Upon client feedback the application was implemented.

Our team collected all Revit Objects and pushed those out to a XLS file in tabs, columns and rows to enable users to aggregate those objects using Excel tools. E.g. list all walls in a single tab, each column is a measurement of piece of data – length, width, volume, option, etc.

We created an add-in to the Revit software so when clicked the client's UI will open. The Revit add in will extract the data from the model (.rvt file) into an excel or csv file. Upon clicking the Revit add-in button the main page will open up and we can see the categories and families.

The model elements will be shown and the properties selected in the previous page will be shown in this tab.

  • The main page will show the Categories and their Families listed in a tree view.
  • The model elements will be shown and the properties selected in the previous page will be shown in this tab view.
  • This section should given an overview, purpose and functionality of the UI and also describe database tables and fields used by each element in the UI.

End Result: A Flexible Workflow Management System

The client required an Autodesk Service Provider Select partner trained to understand the Revit landscape and accurately translate files to other formats. The workflow management suite is now organized with XLS files that builders can easily access from the builder portal giving the platform a more sustainable future in a highly fluid, web-based landscape.

Chetu created a flexible workflow management suite and engineered a more efficient way for builders to edit projects. Both teams learned considerably more about workflow management suite's and parted ways with the door still open for later engagement.

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