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2020's Potential Impact On Long-Term Change

2020 has certainly brought about some monumental changes in the way we work and learn. The pandemic has left many in the workforce with a desire to continue remote work, which presents new challenges and opportunities for employers, as remote work has benefitted companies as well.

As a result, many employers are making changes to their training programs and are allocating more of their budgets for online training programs. Online learning is increasing while instructor-led training is on the decline.

Many people in management are working to restructure training into remote learning but also want to make sure that their employees are getting the proper training and are still learning the necessary skills through an online classroom.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Trends for 2023

Companies have learned a lot about going fully online within the past ten months, and learning management systems are working to meet the changing demands. Below are some of the Learning Management trends expected for 2023.

Virtual Classroom Training

1. Virtual Classroom Training

Before the pandemic, many companies were wary about using virtual classrooms for their training procedures. They worried that it wouldn't be effective, but when the pandemic pushed companies to take their training online, they saw that it was highly successful.

Virtual training has several benefits, including:

There are still challenges when it comes to virtual training. Many employees don't have a strong internet connection, and some may not wish to use their webcams. Training content also has to be reworked to make it fit an eLearning platform.

Still, most employers are beginning to feel that the benefits are outweighing the risks, and virtual training may eventually become the norm.

2. Customer Education is the Next Business Must-Have

Companies have long known the importance of customer education. Well-informed customers who know how to use a service or product will have a better experience and have a better chance of being repeat customers. While customer training has traditionally been an in-person course, the pandemic has forced it online.

Many businesses are now budgeting to create customer tutorials and other forms of education through learning management systems. These programs are growing in popularity and will likely be the way companies educate their customers going forward. The eLearning business is a hot commodity right now.

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Advance

3. Mobile-First Training, Not Only Mobile-Ready

While businesses don't use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning through their learning management systems, these technologies can help make LMS easier to use and much more effective.

AI and machine learning are advancing by leaps and bounds. They present a range of capabilities to help make learning and managing learning easier for all parties. A few of the features include data analytics, chat bots and assigning tasks.

4. Mobile-First Training, Not Only Mobile-Ready

In the past, a learning content management system would create programs made for desktops, with mobile use as an afterthought that would come in the future. The program would be adjusted for mobile on an as-needed basis.

Now it's clear that a lot of learning takes place on mobile devices, one trend for 2023 is a design reversal. Programs will now be made for mobile, and adjusted as needed for desktop use. This process allows users to learn from anywhere.

5. Analytics Tools Dig Deeper

Companies have a long tradition of using data to track the effects of their training programs. They wanted to know how effective their programs were with employees, and if they educated customers, they wanted to see if it helped with customer retention.

Now LMS companies are getting in on the action as well, and this trend will continue in 2023 as the ability to track data grows. An enterprise learning management system can now integrate data analytics through its own system to help their customers even more.

This data can be exported to analysis tools, can be completely embodied in the custom LMS technology, or integrate an outside data analytics tool into the LMS interface.

 Gamification and Game-Based Learning

6. Gamification and Game-Based Learning

While gamification is often associated with younger learners, it can actually have positive impacts on learners of all ages. With some training programs of the past, trainees didn't get much affirmation until completing the program.

Now, custom LMS development is seeing the value in gamifying training. Employees get some quick wins early on, which can boost their confidence. They also do well with meeting requirements for advancement to new levels, as many people thrive under competition.

In 2023, game-based learning will continue to grow as companies look for ways to make learning more engaging and effective for their employees.

Why a Custom Learning Platform?

If you want to make the switch to virtual training, a custom learning platform can make things much easier. You'll be able to organize all of your content in one place that learners can access as needed. A custom LMS will also allow you to keep up with how your trainees are doing.

An LMS can save you time and money as you can often reduce training time and do away with the costs of planning regular training courses. If changes are made in your field, it's easy to update your LMS.

Custom Learning Management System Development

Once you're ready to implement a custom learning management system for your program, Chetu is here to help with software designers experienced in developing LMS. We can create features such as custom learning paths, content generation tools, and rich learning environments. We're happy to discuss your needs and goals and help you achieve them.

If you already have an learning management system, but feel that it isn't working for you, Chetu can offer help there as well. Our software developers can create custom integrations to help you make your current LMS into something that works more effectively for your training programs.

In 2023, more and more companies will go virtual with their training. It can be a challenge at times, but with the right learning management systems, these companies will see some great benefits and be happy with their decision to move forward.


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