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5 Disruptive technologies in Education

William DawseyBy: William Dawsey

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Education has always been about passing on knowledge and skill. For centuries, the resources of the teaching institution limited that task. A single professor can only know so much, and a library can only hold so many books. Online education connects students to the global resources of the internet. By taking advantage of that connection, students are benefiting from new forms of disruptive technology in education.

Using custom e-learning solutions will help organizations teach students, train employees, and educate customers. When a developer designs software for a specific group's needs, the program will match the group's teaching strategy. This design will lead to more effective lessons, faster implementation, and a scalable education solution.

The Top 5 Disruptive Education Technologies

As new technologies emerge, creative people in every industry can imagine new applications. In the education field, tech-savvy teachers embrace these innovations in the classroom and online. Many of these new resources are changing the traditional understanding of education.

The Top 5 Disruptive Education Technologies

Online Learning

Even before concerns about social distancing, online learning was growing in popularity. This style of learning has several advantages over in-class lecture formats. Well-designed online platforms acknowledge that students learn differently. They can incorporate multimedia presentations and gamified lessons.

The online format also recognizes that students learn at different paces. Students can pause and replay videos for improved comprehension. Also, educators receive clear reports of student progress to intervene sooner when a student struggles.

Chat-Based Collaboration

One of the disadvantages of an online education format is the lack of peer interaction. In businesses, training sessions for onboarding are also opportunities for new staff members to make connections. Children in online classrooms want to get to know their classmates. Chat-based forums allow for collaboration at a distance. Businesses have been hosting remote meetings for some time. Now, educational institutions are discovering the value of online cooperation.

AI-Guided Learning

Students learn in different ways at different paces. By incorporating artificial intelligence into e-learning software, the program can track student progress. Students will not have to spend extra time on concepts that they understand quickly. When a student needs help, the program will provide extra lessons until he or she has a grasp of the idea. With a competency-based approach, students will learn at their own pace based on their mastery of a subject.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies are just beginning to make their way into education. However, these technologies will be critical in providing lessons and training scenarios for students and employees. Virtual reality will give an immersive experience of different places in the world or moments in history in the classroom. As a safety training tool, a VR headset will allow an employee to experience an emergency without danger.

Best Practices for adopting e-learning in an Organization

People who love technology can make the mistake of adopting it too quickly. New disruptive technology in education gives a broad range of possibilities. Before an organization tries to implement an e-learning solution, it must have a plan in place.

Best Practices for adopting eLearning in an Organization

Understand Student Needs

The make-up of the student body will have a substantial impact on the design of the e-learning plan. The organizing team must consider factors such as the age, educational level, and technological proficiency of those learning.

The types of devices used to access the learning platform are also essential to consider. If the organization is providing tablets for all students, the design team only needs to format the single device platform. If students are accessing the platform on their own devices, the platform will have to work with smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Define a Successful Learning Outcome

There is a significant difference between introducing a subject and giving someone expertise in that subject. As the teaching organization forms its plans, it must consider the desired outcome of the program. When success is a student who understands the big picture, the lesson can incorporate optional links to more detailed information. For expert-level learning, the application must train and test the material at a deeper level.

Create an e-learning Strategy

The needs of students and the desired outcome will form the basis of an organization's e-learning strategy. The teacher does not want to use learning tools to insult students with their simplicity or confuse students with their complexity. The teaching institution must consider how it should present information and evaluate the learning process.

Part of the e-learning strategy will involve student progress reports. A well-designed e-learning platform will give teachers information about the performance of each student. This will provide insight into the program's overall success, but it will also give teachers the ability to intervene when a student is struggling with a particular concept. If the e-learning platform incorporates AI guidance, the program can notify teachers when a student is having an issue.

Keep a Narrow Focus

A connection to the web gives students and teachers' access to far more information than anyone can digest. Teachers that are passionate about a subject might be tempted to include an abundance of information. For e-learning, it is better to keep a narrow focus to stay on track to reach the anticipated learning outcome. If a teacher wants to give students the ability to go deeper into a subject, the learning platform can include optional links and exercises.

The Advantages of Custom e-learning Solutions

E-learning services will continue to grow in popularity and importance as more of the world seeks online options for education. Custom e-learning software gives organizations significant advantages over global learning platforms. Programmers can design a platform with themes and branding that match a group's existing online presence. A custom design can most importantly incorporate multiple learning and communication modes that will encourage the learning process.

An experienced designer will listen to client needs and create software that delivers the most helpful features. At Chetu, our e-learning software development team can produce a flexible learning management system, content with multiple interactive learning options, and simple student information management tools. A carefully-designed e-learning platform matched with a thoughtful education plan will lead to a successful e-learning program.

The Advantages of Custom eLearning Solutions


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