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  • Development of custom Student Information Systems (SIS) for student data management across a single or multiple campuses
  • Programming of centralized records repositories for organizing student / parent contact information, schedules, attendance records, tuition information, health information, and disciplinary records
  • Intuitive user interface and experience programming including customizable workflows, open architecture, integrations, and data migration services
  • We program custom admissions / enrollment management and automation platforms
  • We integrate SIS with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and administration system software for streamlined workflows with predictive analytics for identifying student pattern behavior and needs for personalized education / interventions
  • We develop custom scheduling modules including student / teacher availability, student course requests, manual scheduling / adjustments, individual class transfers / removals, bell schedule programming, automated class / activity scheduling, and other features
  • Custom student, parent, professor / teacher portal development and integration with SIS
  • Custom attendance modules programming including roll call management, real-time attendance status views (present, late, absent), and attendance reporting
  • We program notification applications with programmed alert features for reporting student attendance status via phone call, text, or e-mail
  • We create custom discipline management modules including incident tracking / reporting, custom documentation, penalty tracking, and other features, plus integrations with parental notification systems
  • We develop career guidance modules and placement management for supplemental programs, extracurricular activities, classes, on-campus jobs, and more
  • Support for uploading / downloading documents, images, files, batch uploads, electronic documents / signatures, and more to the system

Our E-Learning & Education Software Development Solutions

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