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Dating App Software Development


We’ve Got Experienced Dating App Software Developers

We develop mobile dating applications from scratch, or improve upon existing dating applications through custom integrations and implementations to create a safer, more secure, and highly immersive online dating experience.

Better Matching Algorithms

We develop, customize, and integrate matching algorithm engines using predictive analytic solutions, behavior-based matching, and natural language processing functionalities to create a smarter and more sophisticated dating application.

Machine Learning & AI

We harness the power of Machine Learning and AI technologies to enhance your matching algorithms, allowing it to take user-indicated preferences and the data pulled from their social network profiles into account (comments/likes of various events, user’s posts on profile feeds, etc.)

Dating By Numbers

Our matching algorithmic solutions are enriched with precise calculations and analysis capabilities that significantly enhance the ability to make accurate predictions. We program these predictive analytics tools to analyze various aggregated historical data to calculate precise compatibility scores.

Online Dating Communication APIs

We implement advanced communications APIs that provide users with a safe, thriving, and engaging dating environment right from their mobile device.

Communication Platforms

Our communication APIs offer voice calls/messages, instant messages, and live video chat modules so that users can enjoy an online dating experience on their preferred communication platform.

Communication Options

We further customize your dating app by integrating instant messaging plug-ins, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Viber, to provide users with more communication options.

Enhanced Security

Chetu’s highly skilled developers incorporate a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature for advanced security that includes a single-use code sent by SMS, email, or voice message to validate user identity.

We’ve Got Dating App Developers

Our Expert Dating App Developers build, customize, and integrate exclusive dating apps, supported on both iOS and Android devices. We implement the latest functionalities, in-app purchase modules, matchmaking algorithms, and so much more to provide an innovative, fully-functional dating app.

Dating App Technology

We use JavaScript, HTML5, and Python programming languages, AWS mobile platform, and a RESTful or Real-Time API, allowing us to build, test, and integrate different software within your dating app.

iOS & Android Support

We offer ongoing native and web-based code support and maintenance, ensuring that your custom dating app or website is always aesthetically pleasing and performs optimally.

Dating App Security

We can implement Blockchain and other security/authorization systems, like SSL certificate-based security features, or two-factor authentication to provide optimized security.

Social Media Integrations

We can link your dating app to a user’s social media accounts, enabling them to upload their preferences, photos, and videos for fast and easy profile set-up and personalization.

Geolocation Tools

We use Mongo DB database framework, Mapbox mapping tool, and other elements for designing custom maps to provide the most accurate location data on users.

Matching Algorithms

We use AI and Machine Learning Software centered around user preferences, age, app behavior, locational data, and more to accurately match users with one another.

Optimized Communication

We integrate Sendbird Voice API and Twilio, enabling users to send/receive phone calls, text messages, video messages, and voice chat messages directly from the app.

Social Media Matches

We can sync contacts and feeds from social networking sites, like Facebook or Instagram, to the app so that users can conduct searches, view profiles, receive notifications, and match with other friends.

Custom Dating App software Development Solutions

Our Software Engineers have vast knowledge and experience in Dating App Development, UX/UI Design, Backend Development, and Software QA. Our Low-Cost Dating App Solutions promote monetization opportunities through in-app purchases, membership subscriptions, advertisements, and premium plans.

100% Customizable

We develop, build, and integrate dating app software solutions that are 100% customizable, implementing the same “Swipe & Match” feature like most popular dating apps.

Scalable, Clean, & Responsive Designs

Using clean coding practices, microservice architecture, and state-of-the-art technology, we can develop, integrate, and customize the most innovative dating app to hit the market.

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency

We deploy your app in any language, such as Spanish, German, Arabic, etc., as well as any currency of the user’s choice using third-party currency exchange converters.

Monetized Gamification Ecosystems

We can implement gamification features, such as badges, stickers, titles, icons, and other incentives for those that acquire the most likes, super likes, matches, chat engagements, and more.

Facial-Recognition Matching Algorithms

Along with integrating survey-based matching algorithms, we can help your mobile app become the first-ever dating app to include facial-recognition matching algorithms using Eigenface technology.

Profile Verification Features

We can implement an AI-driven profile verification process based on a custom algorithm that ensures users that every profile that they encounter is the real deal.

Monetization Opportunities for Dating Apps

Chetu’s Software Development Experts help you create innovative monetization opportunities so that you can earn and withdraw revenue straight from your custom dating mobile app or website.

Digital Coins

We implement crypto add-ons, or digital coins, for users to purchase premium features, such as extra swipes, rewinds, likes, chat features, push notification options, meet-up/events, and more.

Chat Commissions

We implement in-app purchase modules linked to certain chat features, including SMS, voice message, or video messages, enabling users to make a purchase when they want to chat.

Video/Audio Call Dates

We can set-up your payment gateway to incorporate an automatic percentage commission each time digital coins are spent to set up a video chat or video date.

Subscriptions & Premium Packages

We can enable subscription members to make in-app purchases that unlock premium features, including profile viewing of “who likes you,” unlimited likes & rewinds, multiple location preferences, and more.

Our Meetings & Events Software Development Solutions


Drop us a line or give us a ring with any inquiries on mobile dating app software development. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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