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Event Technology Software Services


Our Technology Software Services are the Main Event

The software behind any successful event is critically important. It needs to captivate the potential customer; enable new technologies like wearables, AR, and VR; connect wirelessly, and interface with mobile. Chetu is the correct event technology services solution.

Event Technology
Software Development

Chetu creates event technology software services, emphasizing brand immersion, interactivity, social promotion, aggregate content distribution, blended live and digital experiences, scalability, and optimization of on-device and web interfaces.

Wearable Tech
Software Services

Chetu's wearable technologies software services include server-side distributed data collection and storage, data visualization, cloud architecture, and big data analytics. These features are designed for bracelets, ID tags, textiles, headgear, and more.

Beacon Software Integrations

We develop beacon software services for resource tracking, navigation, automation, proximity marketing, interactive apps and more. These apps use Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon, and other technologies.

Event Technology AR and VR

We program AR and VR software services, including graphics, animation, GPS tracking, Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML), Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), motion detection, interactivity, and projection mapping, designed for immersive event experiences.

Audiovisual Media Solutions

Chetu develops digital signage and wayfinding software services, including AV, rich media, touchscreens, photo booths, interactive maps, floor and seating layouts, promotional videos, infotainment, video walls, digital content management systems, and more.

Event Technology Mobile Apps

We create mobile event technology software services for iOS and Android, including features for event maps, interactive schedules, social discovery and sharing, attendee matching, SMS, push notifications, and custom branding.

Event Technology Geotracking

We program geofencing, geolocation, and geotagging software services, integrated with alert triggers for message targeting, photo applications, remote sensing devices, and big data analytics applications. These apps enable real-time attendee tracking and engagement.

Scanner Software Solutions

Chetu creates scanning devices, tagging hardware and sensor software services, including cloud- based RFID information systems and custom barcode mapping for QR codes, NFC, System-on-Chip (SoC), magnetic stripe, and tag technology.

Event IT Software Services

Chetu's expert team provides the architecture for wireless connectivity, private networks, digital content distribution, and event networking solutions, plus online and offline synchronization and access.

Audience Analytics Modules

We engineer audience analytics software services, including data capture, context-aware software, eye-tracking, facial and gesture recognition, attendee demographics, preferences, schedules, activities, and social data.

Digital Presentation
Software Tools

Chetu develops gamification of event presentations, including custom games, sweepstakes, promotional applications, mobile and real-time polling, activity feeds, interactive multimedia, multisensory experiences, and integrations with video, audio, and social media.

Event Tech
Conversational Interfaces

Chetu programs conversational software services, including live-streaming applications, on-demand content, messenger platforms, chatbots, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), voice assistants, and more.

Enhancing Attendee Experience with AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) enhances your event experience by enabling attendees to have a custom, personalized experience with quick and efficient check-in procedures and tailored networking solutions that increase value far behind the event.


The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Event Tech Solutions increases the personalization that attendees receive, multiplying the user experience and making event attendance far more productive. Chetu’s AI-driven platforms use data analysis to create unique interactions, networking opportunities, professional development, and subject matter excellence.

Streamlining Event Planning and Operations

Chetu’s use of AI in event planning and operations can help automate, optimize, and enhance meetings and events. Planners can focus on strategic and automated data-driven decisions, ensuring the most efficient use of personnel, resources, and physical or remote conferences and venues.

Real-TimeSentiment Analysis

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing), event organizers can collect unstructured data and perform real-time analysis. Chetu can implement sentiment analysis, which collects unstructured data from various sources, including social media, email, CRM notes, and any other source where data is not in a predefined format (such as a spreadsheet).

Intelligent Networking Solutions

With AI (Artificial Intelligence), Event Technology solution platforms can enhance event security and admission control and empower long-lasting connections between attendees. Chetu’s intelligent networking solutions use AI to match attendees with similar job functions, career goals, learning paths, and so on so that attendees can gain much more value from the event.

Innovatingwith AI

Chetu’s software engineers use transformative methods to engage and empower attendees while enabling organizations to become far more efficient with resource usage by innovating with AI. With Artificial Intelligence, organizations can predict attendee numbers, personalize educational and certification offerings, provide superior networking opportunities, and have safe and secure meetings.

Decision SupportSystems

Using the power of AI, Decision Support Systems (DSS) enable enhanced vendor and venue selections as well as real-time monitoring and reactions for events and event planning. DDS systems analyze live and historical data, including pricing, vendor availability, and other factors, to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

Event Tech Software Support Services

Full-Service Event Technology Support

Chetu’s engineers offer complete event tech support by providing audio-video software support, ensuring seamless network and Wi-Fi configuration, delivering real-time tech support, and offering continuous troubleshooting throughout the event. Our comprehensive services ensure your event runs smoothly and deliver an uninterrupted event experience for organizers and attendees.

On-Demand Technical Troubleshooting Support

Our team of experts provides on-demand technical troubleshooting support by offering immediate technical issue resolution services. We address and then solve any technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime. Our experience with events, including audio or video issues and last-minute presentation preparation, will keep your meetings running smoothly.

Customizable Tech Support Solutions for Events of All Sizes

Our experienced team will provide custom tech support solutions for events of all sizes with our tailored event technology support options. We plan for the needs of each event, from small workshops to large-scale conferences, with software integration, hardware rentals, and pre-event technical run-throughs. Large or small events receive our highest level of support, helping you have effortless functions.

Interactive Engagement Technology Support

Chetu’s coders enhance events by offering Interactive Engagement Technology Support, concentrating on dynamic participant interaction technology services. We implement audience response systems with social media integration and immersive virtual reality experiences. By leveraging AI and other technologies, Chetu ensures an engaged audience with an enriched event that resonates and provides long-term value for attendees.

Professional Audio-Visual Services

Our experts provide professional audio-visual services with solutions tailored to your unique event. We can ensure professional-level sound and visuals for an engaging and memorable event. Chetu will design, setup, and manage audio-visual equipment, allowing for seamless presentations and performances. Our expertise in Audio-Visual implementation will allow you to concentrate on running your event instead of worrying about technical issues.

Seamless Live Streaming and Webcasting Support

Chetu’s experienced event experts provide seamless Live Streaming and Webcasting Support with our Flawless Broadcasting and Live Feed Solutions. We ensure high-quality, uninterrupted streaming services for your event, promoting full engagement. Our services include lag-free video and audio so attendees can participate and interact in real time at live or virtual events. We also provide reliable streaming technology and interactive features.

Post-Event Technical Support and Analytics

Our technical team provides post-event technical support after your event to address any needed technical issues. We give Post-Conference Technical Feedback and Insights, analyzing your conference data to provide insights into attendee behavior and your event performance. This helps your organization understand the value given, identify areas for improvement, and enables data-driven decisions for future events and content elsewhere in your organization.

Rapid Response Tech Help Desk

Our experts support a Rapid Response Tech Help Desk, which works as a Swift Tech Support Response Center, to provide immediate assistance for presenters, exhibitors, and attendees. Any issues before, during, and after your event are addressed immediately, minimizing downtime and disruption. Offering efficient problem-solving, Chetu ensures a seamless experience for all participants and maintains all audio-visual aspects of your event.

Our Meetings & Events Software Development Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Technology Software

Event Tech (Event Technology) refers to the available digital tools, software, and platforms that help organizations plan, promote, and manage events that offer enhanced experiences for attendees for live and remote events.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence), “Events in AI” are significant occurrences or actions that can interfere with event performance can be identified, learned from, and responded to in real time by analyzing data from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in event management enhances planning, attendee engagement and value, and resource utilization.

AI benefits the events industry in many ways. Attendee empowerment and engagement are increased, and operational efficiency is raised. Mobile event technology services powered by AI enable hyper-targeted experiences, increasing attendee satisfaction.

Event Intelligence is the insights and utilization of data gathered from event platforms and services. The process uses data collected from event technology platforms, event technology services, and other sources.

Event technology providers and event planning technology platforms can offer significant advantages when using event-driven programming (EDP). With EDP, systems can react to real-time events and user actions.

Event coding is the process of designing, developing, and implementing software for event technology solutions and event technology platforms.

For modern event tech platforms, AI enables real-time data from various sources, giving insight into attendees’ reactions, preferences, and sentiments.


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