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Looking to reinvent your events and take them to the next level? Chetu can help. Our expert developers and engineers specialize in creating customized event management solutions that meet your unique needs and goals. With Chetu, you can streamline your operations, enhance attendee engagement, and drive revenue growth by leveraging the latest technologies and innovative approaches. From concept to close-out, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your events are a resounding success.

Event Management Software

Event Planning AI Integration

Our experts offer AI integration services for event planning. Using AI-powered tools, we integrate artificial intelligence algorithms such as predictive analytics, attendee behavior analysis, venue selection, agenda optimization, and more to automate tasks, personalize experiences, and optimize scheduling, logistics, and marketing helping event planners identify opportunities, make data-driven decisions and streamline various aspects of event planning.

Event Registration Solutions

Event Registration
Software Solutions

We program guest booking and registration systems, designed to integrate with hotel and venue sourcing applications. This software contains features for badge creation and tracking, and guest list management. We also develop branded and mobile-ready websites, with configurable online registration tools.

Event Catering Software Development

Event Catering
Software Development

Chetu creates custom catering management systems, including food-cost applications for recipe management, weight calculation, menu and production schedules and costs. We also develop apps for waste tracking with inventory, supply-chain management systems for ordering, receiving, tracking, and vendor database aggregation.

Event Marketing Tools

Online Event Marketing
Software Tools

Chetu's event marketing solutions incorporates features for digital marketing, lead generation and capture, branded mobile event apps, and social media promotion. Our experienced team programs custom photography and photo-booth software, integrated to social media management platforms. We also develop websites for in-person, online, and hybrid events with registration portals integrated to payment modules.

Event Venue Systems

Event Venue
Software Systems

Chetu's event venue solution includes equipment and asset tracking, space planning, staff management, vendor, exhibitor, sponsor management, and other on-site features for the best event management. We also engineer custom floor-plan simulations and seating automation software.

Event Ticketing Software

Event Ticketing
Software Development

Our technology company is dedicated to create a solid payment processing platform that helps event planners keep track of inbound ticketing by handling multi-channel requests via email, phone, web, social media and more. We also develop features to manage reminders, daily payouts and attendee self-service to view, edit, cancel, and download tickets.

Event Travel Management

Event Travel
Management Solutions

All your travel planning is covered as our event travel management solutions includes features such as itinerary creation, travel portal and booking integrations with GDS and OTA, room block management, and more. We develop modules to integrate event finance data, and travel records for invoice generation and billing.

Event CRM Integrations

Event CRM

We integrate CRM solutions with your custom event management mobile app to automate contact lists, SMS messaging, direct mail and e-mail, promotions, and check-in. We program attendee behavior analysis applications, including interaction tracking, trend and relationship mapping, and more.

Attendee Management

Custom Attendee
Management System

We develop attendee engagement solutions including beacons, live survey and poll software, and live streaming event app platforms. We engineer event apps with wireless connectivity solutions, and integrate or build attendee online surveys for appropriate follow up and instant feedback.

Event Data Analysis

Event Data

Chetu creates end-to-end analytics software for event management platforms, including big-data processing and management, custom reporting capabilities, and real-time data oversight. We integrate with revenue and budgeting software, and build project management tools to report finances and calculate ROI on an event-by-event basis.

Top Event Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

Event management software is a digital tool that helps planners to organize, manage, and market events more effectively. Its benefits include automating tasks, improving communication, streamlining workflows, and reducing administrative workload.

The key features to consider when choosing an event management solution include registration management, ticketing, payment processing, marketing and communication tools, data analytics, and reporting capabilities.

Event management solutions offer many features to help increase attendance and revenue. These include social media marketing, targeted email campaigns, real-time reporting and analytics, and automated registration and payment processing.

To choose the right event software, consider your event size, budget, and needs. Look for software that offers the features you need, is easy to use, integrates with other tools, and has a track record of success.

From personalized recommendations to optimized logistics and enhanced security, AI is transforming the event industry by delivering better experiences to attendees and helping organizers to streamline their operations. Examples include AI-led software on platforms like Eventbrite, which leverages user data to curate entertainment and designs for specific audiences.

The 5 C's of successful event management are Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Close-out. These essential elements ensure that events are well-planned, executed smoothly, and achieve their objectives while providing a positive experience for attendees.

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