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Our Trade Show Management Software Development Solutions

  • Development of event management software platforms and features customized for conferences, conventions, expos, and trade shows
  • We design custom websites for individual shows with customizable registration portals integrated to social networking platforms
  • We program travel management software and integrate with existing travel services to allow attendees to book flights, manage room blocks and follow up with travel providers, plus personalize itineraries and confirmations
  • We create logistics management software modules allowing efficient delivery of materials to shows, freight forwarding, and real-time rerouting capacities
  • Development of cross-platform mobile applications with custom user portals to integrate lead capture, social media, digital badges, and feedback modules
  • We engineer custom floor plan simulation, seating automation software, and attendee / exhibitor listing portals with interfaces to create booth and exhibitor display simulations to highlight sponsor locations or upsell customers
  • We create software-for-hardware (firmware) solutions for badge or identification creation and verification integrated to analytics and reporting modules to track attendees
  • Programming of badge management systems integrated with registration software for the automation of creation, issuing, and verification of physical and digital badges
  • We integrate with real estate and housing platforms to find and disseminate appropriate corporate housing options to customers
  • We program custom RFP (Request for Proposal) platforms to allow active exhibitor management and solicitation of new business
  • We integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with trade show management software for the automation of contact lists, SMS messaging, direct mail / e-mail, promotions, check-in, and attendee / exhibitor tracking
  • We develop and integrate budgeting and revenue software reporting tools to manage finances and calculate ROI on an event-by-event basis
  • We develop benchmarking and live polling software to track and identify event trends and encourage live audience participation and engagement, while gathering data
  • Programming of attendee / exhibitor online survey applications for instant feedback and post-show follow-up

Our Meetings & Events Software Development Solutions

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