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Trade Show Software Solutions

Trade Show Management Software

Development of trade show management software platforms and features customized for conferences, conventions, expos, and trade shows. We design custom websites for individual shows with customizable registration portals integrated to social networking platforms.

Trade Show Mobile Apps

Programming of cross-platform mobile applications with custom user portals to integrate lead capture, social media, digital badges, and feedback modules. We develop custom mobile apps for 3D floor plan navigation, seating automation software, and attendee / exhibitor listing portals with interfaces to create booth and exhibitor display simulations.

Trade Show Badge Solutions

We create software-for-hardware (firmware) solutions for badge or identification creation and verification solutions integrated to analytics and reporting modules to track attendees. Programming of badge management systems integrated with registration software for the automation of creation, issuing, and verification of physical and digital badges.

Trade Exhibitor Modules

We program custom RFP (Request for Proposal) platforms to allow active exhibitor management and solicitation of new business. Development of modules for lead retrieval (1D/2D Bar Codes, Smart Cards, RFID), smartphone lead retrieval using QR codes and more. Programming of attendee / exhibitor online survey applications for instant feedback and post-show follow-up and interactive modes.

Trade Show CRM

We integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with trade show management software for the automation of contact lists, SMS messaging, direct mail / e-mail, promotions, check-in, and attendee / exhibitor tracking, among other features. We develop benchmarking and live polling software to track and identify event trends and encourage live audience participation and engagement.

Show Budget & ROI Tracking

We develop and integrate budgeting and revenue software reporting tools to manage finances- planned vs. actual expenses, track invoices, receipts and calculate ROI channels, benchmarks with generated data reports on an event-by-event basis.

Trade Show Travel Management

We program travel management software and integrate to Online Booking Tools (OBT) and existing travel services to allow attendees to book flights, manage room blocks and follow up with travel providers, plus personalized itineraries and confirmations.

Trade Show Logistics Management

We create logistics management software allowing efficient delivery of materials to shows, freight forwarding, automated tracking alerts, intelligent data for supply chain efficiency, bill auditing and real-time rerouting capacities.

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