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Custom Android App Development


Hire Experienced, On-Demand Android Developers

Chetu builds Android mobile apps from the ground up and augments existing IT teams to enhance their application with custom integrations, features, and modules, creating a more personalized solution and a superior user experience.

Native Android App Development

We develop cutting-edge, custom-tailored Android mobile apps that cater to all types of industry verticals from e-commerce and event apps to employee communication and business workflow apps.

Cross-Platform App Development

We leverage the best cross-platform app development tools, including Apache Cordova, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and more to create an app that is simultaneously compatible with both Android & iOS systems.

Hybrid App Development

Many of our hybrid app development specialists have many years of experience designing and developing hybrid applications, utilizing a mix of web and native components in addition to a common language code-base.

Custom Android Mobile App Development

Chetu builds native Android mobile apps for all types of mobile devices from smartphones and tablets to TV and wearables, designed with custom integrations, features, and modules to create the ideal solution for your business.

Android Smartphone App Development

Our Android mobile app development experts leverage native app platform-specific tools, like Java and Kotlin to enable full functionality for your custom Android smartphone app.

Android Tablet App Development

We develop customizable tablet applications specifically designed for the native Android platform, used for business workflows, consumer entertainment, and so much more.

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Android Foldable App Development

Build innovative apps for Android foldable devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that allows multitaskers to conveniently view multiple tabs simultaneously while using the custom app.

Android TV App Development

Built with the same architecture as those using Android smartphones and tablets, our custom Android TV apps offer rich cinematic experiences on all TV screen sizes.

Android Wear OS App Development

Seamlessly implement new methodologies with new Android Jetpack APIs and other Android-specific tools to revamp existing Wear OS devices or create brand new ones.

Android Auto App Development

Our Android Auto apps deliver driver-optimized experiences and are designed to connect to your other Android devices, like your smartphone, tablet, wearables, and more.


Chetu’s developers, designers, and programmers have successfully built Android apps that are featured in the Google Play Store. We also program features that enable automatic and manual Android updates whenever they become available, ensuring that users always have the latest Android version for optimized user experiences.


Chetu’s Android App Development Services & Processes

Our highly knowledgeable developers create a thorough & comprehensive app development process flow, ensuring that they’re following the steps according to their sequential order to produce the best possible outcome.

Product Planning & Strategy

Our expert development team assesses your overall concept and formulates a comprehensive, detailed strategy, or product blueprint, in which to develop your Android mobile application.

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

Our talented designers and developers work together to create a prototype of your Android mobile app, providing the entire team with a salient idea for how to proceed with building your mobile app.

App Development & Programming

Our programmers define the technical architecture, front-end/back-end tech stack, and development milestones presented in the initial product planning blueprint to develop your finished Android app.

App Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Our Android mobile app QA testers ensure that your app is stable, secure, and is operating correctly, using every measure to test your app, including functional, performance, security, and platform testing.

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Google Play Store Deployment & Launch

Once your custom Android app is tested and ready, we ensure that your app adheres to Google Play’s UX/UI guidelines and regulations before finally launching and deploying your custom Android application.

Maintenance & Support

We provide expert-level maintenance & support services once we’ve launched your app to the Google Play store, ensuring that your app is in perfect working order, fixing bugs, checking your app’s functionality, and automating operating systems updates.

We Have Android Developers

Chetu harnesses the power of popular Android development tools & technologies to deliver a fully functional Android mobile app that best suits your brand and provides the ultimate user experience.


Our developers use the Kotlin programming language for its interoperability, code safety, and ability to boost productivity.


We utilize Java when developing most custom Android mobile apps for enhanced management and control.


Our developers save a lot more data when using the SQLite database for custom Android mobile app development.

Android Studio

We leverage Android Studio, the most commonly used IDE for custom Android mobile application development.


The versatile & adaptable Eclipse IDE allows our developers to facilitate the creation of all types of Android apps.

IntelliJ IDEA

We also leverage IntelliJ IDEA, another very popular and commonly used IDE for Android mobile app development.

Custom Android Mobile App Features

Chetu will program a laundry list of custom features, modules, and functionalities into your custom Android app to best reflect your business brand and provide the ultimate user experience.

Here are just a few of the infinite feature possibilities that can be programmed into your custom Android app:

Android App Features


Drop us a line or give us ring about Android Mobile App Development. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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