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Chetu and Higher Power Training, LLC Collaborate on Intuitive Baseball App

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Higher Power Training represents a web of learning tools and services that facilitate the evolution of Human Performance Technology for their participating clients. Since their debut in 2000, Higher Power Training has undergone a series of acquisitions and mergers, transforming into the development contractor powerhouse they are today.

Although HPT casts a wide net of expertise, they specialize in Adult Learning Theory and translating that theory into powerful technological resources. Higher Power Training matches clients with a team of contractors who can skillfully execute their vision. All team members leverage 10 to 20 years of experience in both the development and deployment landscape.

For individuals immersed in the software realm, it is a widely known fact that development is only half the battle. Yes, learning software positively impacts profit and internal processes alike, but without the proper training, the software will never achieve its maximum ROI. This is where HPT steps in, mitigating deployment to bridge the gap between implementation and training.

Higher Power Training empowers clients through holistic education, channeling superior human performance with technological solutions. These solutions manifest into an extensive menu, including off-the-shelf options, custom-built programs, content creation, and infrastructural materials.

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Jason Marian, Director of Learning Technology, at HPT is an expert in corporate training and adults learning solutions architect, integrating learning theories with the latest software technology. Jason first met Chetu after speaking at a conference they were both attending, and immediately after the primary introduction, it was clear Chetu and HPT would be able to forge a productive development partnership.

HPT had previously engaged with a smaller, outsourcing company that delayed their time-to-market significantly. This smaller company was unable to meet deadlines, putting HPT at a deficit in an extremely frenetic development landscape. Even for similar projects, it was impossible to accomplish tasks quickly.

Chetu outperformed their previous software development provider in every sector. We brought scalability into the equation, building a project team around HPT’s needs and adapting the project team whenever necessary. Our project manager served as a liaison between HPT and the development team, eliminating the need for micromanagement on the client side. We committed ourselves to translate the HPT vision to code.

Although we have engaged with HPT on several projects, one of the most compelling projects has been a baseball iOS application development project with video recognition capabilities that HPT has implemented for athletic training. The baseball app captures images from the video and processes them using a proprietary algorithm. Athletic trainers can use this to compile player stats – measuring precision, swing speed, bat angles, trajectory, etc.

With Chetu, I could expedite my projects, scaling the team to parallel my development needs.

-Jason Marian,
Director of Learning Technology,
Higher Power Learning LLC


Drawing from HPT’s vision, we programmed an application capable of analyzing the measures we outlined above. The baseball app user uploads baseball videos to analyze for the desired parameters. Based on the parameter extracted from the video, the coach provides tips to his player to improve upon the techniques exhibited in the video and examined by the app.

We added a section within the baseball app to manually analyze the video in the slow motion. The interface also includes a user login portal, a coach’s login portal, and a video library.

From the home screen dashboard (the first image to the right) users can navigate to the upload video functionality and video library. Every screen has the navigation button to pop the screen directly to this dashboard screen. With the help of these modules and the powerful user interface, the user can select a video from their Photo gallery and upload it to the video library. From there, they can view statistics (bat speed, hand speed bat angle and time to contact).

The video upload interface prompts the user to select a video from their iOS gallery using Apple default image selection controller. After selecting the video and pressing the Upload button, the video uploads and is subsequently stored in Core Data.

We implemented a third-party library to show the progress of the upload in a circular spinner form. When the upload is complete, the app automatically reverts to the Statistics View Controller.

The final screen displays the statistics which are extracted from each frame of the video using the AVFoundation framework using an open CV library along with our custom algorithm.

There is a navigation item at the top right corner to transition the screen directly to the dashboard module. Users can also slow down the video, viewing the content frame-by-frame. The video player contains two buttons to facilitate the video in slow mode and Standard mode. In addition, the user can preview each frame of the video by dragging the slider left-to-right or right-to-left direction.

The iOS mobile application is a fairly new project, but Higher Power Training is certain the app will be a success. Our relationship with HPT is ongoing, and they plan to introduce new projects in the near future. Throughout each project, Chetu has impressed HPT decision-makers with our ability to adapt. When confronted by roadblocks, our development pivots, ensuring the project remains on track and adhering to the original project timeline.

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