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Our client is a radio Promotions Management software suite founded by a marketing guru and computer programming wizard.

The creators pinpointed the deficit—music directors had music management systems at their fingertips, traffic analysts leveraged commercial scheduling systems, but those in the promotions department were debilitated with manual, record-keeping processes—and from there they collaborated to send a promotion-centric solution to market.

It has since become the industry standard for radio content management, liners, events, and the list goes on from there. Over 2,000 radio stations across the US and Canada have adopted their Promotions Management system to better manage listener markets across the spectrum.

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By antiquating pen and paper methodology for radio stations with Promotions Management solutions, the client has helped thousands of operations run more efficiently.

The first version of the Promotions Management Software was released in the early 90's, and the client has always been committed to maintaining the software, continually evolving it to conquer emerging radio demands. The most recent evolution integrated Chetu's custom development services.

Chetu developers were tasked to rewrite the client's existing "Listener Email" application into ASP.NET using VB.NET and SQL Server 2014. Prior to the recoding, the application was based in ASP & SQL 2005.

After revitalizing the "Listener Email" application, Chetu applied the same style of coding to another native application under a proprietary name. Essentially, the client was hoping to increase UX/UI usability by redesigning the application pages and implementing a more responsive template.


Below are the tools and technology, we incorporated into the application development workflow. The client provided machine setup with this environment:

  • Language : 7.0
  • Scripting : HTML5, JavaScript/JQuery
  • Framework : .NET 4.5, Bootstrap 3.3.7, CSS3
  • Database : SQL Server 2016
  • IDE : Visual Studio 2015
  • Subversion : Team Foundation Server
  • Browsers : IE9/IE10, Firefox, Chrome.
  • O/S : Windows (64 bit)

The project required us to rewrite the "Listener Email" application into the VB.NET from scratch. To enable this, the client shared a copy of the MSSQL Server 2005 database, which is used in the existing application. In the updated code, Chetu needed to replicate some legacy, design elements to further their branding efforts.

At kick-off, the Chetu team started on the visual, login dashboard, where recent email feedback is segmented by sent, open, and unsubscribed. This was the first on a list of many visual reporting mechanisms.

We went on to program a heat map module that displays the gradient of listeners by geographical location and time of day—surrounding zip codes, towns, and counties are classified by color.

The number one priority was mobile responsiveness, having all desktop functionalities extend to mobile devices as well. We streamlined the two versions, adding a drag and drop system for advertisement placement. Social buttons appear automatically on all emails with a follow us button to increase click-throughs and brand engagement.

The ad manager layer allows admin to create drip campaigns with automated follow-up. The member database API has the ability to add, edit, delete, and lookup members to adjust their subscriptions. Each member is matched with an avatar uploaded from their personal, social media account. Admin can personalize emails with icons in the subject line.

When the client implemented the final source code into their working model, their lead generation analytics clearly indicated Chetu's version better aligned with the current radio broadcasting market, facilitating greater control over the promotions ecosystem.

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