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Lead Management Software Solutions

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Custom LMS Solutions

Chetu specializes in Lead Management Solutions that allow you to make calls, send emails, schedule meetings, and view deal history all from one central repository.

Lead Generation and Management

Chetu provides custom development of lead generation and management solutions, including cloud platforms, white label software, and mobile applications.

Lead Management Tools

Our experts utilize lead management tools such as status checks/updates, follow-up automation, content management, lead response management solutions, and more to integrate into your custom LMS software.

Lead Capture Solutions

We engineer lead capture solutions for online and offline channels, including websites, trade shows, call centers, print publications/direct mail, e-mail marketing, and social media.

Customizable Lead Tracking

We provide custom lead tracking solutions to facilitate lead management, customer retention, and sales pipeline tracking. We create tracking for sales teams’ activities along with custom analytics to monitor the success of campaigns.

Custom LMS and CRM Integration

We help track every interaction with every customer and turn that data into reports that help analyze and forecast your business trends. Manage and nurture healthy relationships with business contacts using Chetu’s contact management software solutions.

Lead Management Database

Development of lead management databases for storing lead data, including the configuration of lead management workflows, pipeline management, and lead tracking features.

Lead Tracking Integration

We integrate lead data capture with tracking and analytics applications for managing lead source tracking, activity/behavior tracking, scoring, segmentation, and distribution.

Lead Software Programming

Our experienced developers perform lead software programming that includes lead scoring and segmentation applications such as custom attributes, qualifiers, and categorization algorithms.

Lead Management CRM

Our experts develop lead management CRM software, including personalized marketing outreach, content creation/distribution tools, sales cycle tracking, as well as CRM system integrations.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Management

We develop LMS software designed specifically for sales teams to boost productivity.

Lead Generation Analytics

We engineer custom lead generation analytics and reporting tools, including real-time data, conversion rates tracking, trends analysis, campaign management tools, and automated actions.

Prospecting Tools

Chetu provides custom prospecting tools to facilitate the search and discovery of new prospects. We provide note tracking and follow-up solutions to keep track of customer interactions. Our customer profile analysis tools help to discover new customers with similar traits to existing ones.

Lead Document Capture Solutions

We provide lead capture forms, mobile scanning applications, and intelligent data capture software, including multi-channel data importing, recognition, extraction, and processing.

Virtual Agents and ChatBots

Chetu implements custom ChatBots software to give businesses the ability to monitor the customer journey and provide real-time data and conversion feedback. Our machine learning software provides customer service support in the form of virtual agents, telephone automation prompt systems, and ChatBots.


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