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Leading Experts in Bespoke API Solutions

We specialise in developing APIs that are easy to consume, well documented and truly reliable. APIs are fundamentally changing how data can be used, and opening up entirely new business models and strategies for products. They allow flexible integrations and customisation of existing products, enabling our developers to enrich and enhance software solutions in new and creative ways.

Chetu’s experts have recognised this shift in the importance of REST APIs, and the importance of delivering scalable and secure APIs for our clients. Over the past 20 years, we’ve grown our capabilities in this area to become one of the leading experts in API solutions.


Our bespoke Application Programming Interface (API) solutions cover the development, integration, publishing, documentation, deployment, and continuous maintenance of APIs. We develop robust architectures and security protocols, like custom key encryptions, access control dashboards, single sign-on and scalable caching proxies. We also build call management platforms for logging, authenticating and throttling API calls.


We emphasise networking best practises when implementing original, open-source and third party API integration. We integrate disparate business systems and processes, add web service functionality to existing applications and synchronise data across applications. We provide API integration using popular platforms like MuleSoft's Anypoint, Funnel, Azure, Dell Boomi, and Jitterbit.

API as a Service

We develop web APIs and API as a Service (APIaaS). Our web design and protocols include the use of HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP and/or REST API solutions. We use Docker containers and HTTP/SOAP interfaces for executing API-based micro-services with custom business logic.


We configure REST APIs for mobile, desktop, console and browser apps, as well as databases, search engines and intranet systems. We implement internal and external APIs while leveraging exposed third-party web services. Our industry-specific approach to API management preemptively solves issues related to the sharing of data, business logic, content, micro-services and communications.


Chetu develops specialised APIs for new and legacy enterprise applications. Our APIs facilitate access to API documentation, application data, functionality and business logic, as well as web services. We create APIs for the desktop, mobile, and cloud apps, web sockets, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware/middleware, browsers, databases and operating systems. We also design Hardware Platform Interfaces (HPI) for managing computer systems.


We design and configure API integration testing platforms to automate validation, functional, UI, load, runtime, security, penetration and fuzz testing. We use API testing platforms like Postman, Rest-Assured, and HttpMaster to perform exploratory API tests, manage testing automation protocols and visualise tests.

Personalised API Integration Platforms

Cloud API Solutions

Chetu provides API compliances for safe and secure cloud API solutions. We use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and API as a Service (APIaaS) to and from the cloud to provides users the ability to ensure access across devices and platforms.

Our API Software Systems Delivers Cutting-Edge Third Party Integration Solutions

API Library Developer

We provide third party API integration to social media libraries written in their native languages. Our library development teams can plug Twitter, Stripe, Vimeo or Facebook into custom app solutions for your webpage. Using API Python, we can integrate Spotify, YouTube and twitter analytics for custom apps as well as financial tools.

Google Play Developer

Google Play Developer APIs will manage the versioning of custom apps to the Google Play Store for distribution. Google Maps APIs allow proprietary software to be modified to use all of the features found when using Google maps. We also provide GameDev integration using Unity with Google maps for AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities.


API Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Application Programming Interface development involves creating APIs that enable software applications to communicate with each other. APIs allow developers to integrate various systems and services, streamline workflows, and enhance the user experience. By establishing clear and consistent interfaces, developing APIs promotes collaboration among different teams and helps businesses maximize the potential of their technology assets.

Common examples of APIs include payment gateways like PayPal API, social media APIs like Facebook Graph API, and cloud service APIs like Amazon S3 API. These APIs offer standardized protocols that enable developers to access and manipulate data, enabling them to create powerful integrations and customized workflows that enhance user experiences and streamline business processes.

The four primary types of APIs in web services are public, partner, private, and composite. Public APIs are accessible to everyone, partner APIs necessitate authentication, private APIs are designed for internal use, and composite APIs combine multiple APIs to create a complete solution. Selecting the appropriate API type is crucial for a successful project.

API integration is connecting multiple applications through their APIs to facilitate data exchange. High-performing businesses frequently employ this technique to keep information up-to-date, improve efficiency, and increase revenue.

Studies have shown that the industries that require personalized products, services, and customer experiences, such as financial services, healthcare, technology, and telecommunications, are the ones that make the most use of APIs.

APIs play an important role in allowing other applications to access AI and its infrastructure. Because many AI/ML models and algorithms are resource-intensive or proprietary, APIs offer a standard method for making them accessible to users who cannot host them.

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Chetu provides remote global support. We scale IT teams with the industries best gaming developers, engineers, programmers, architects, and consultants to configure, modify and deploy company projects.

Our knowledgeable team of industry professionals provide scalable, on-demand support and modification solutions. Our experienced software teams develop applications for startups companies and scale small-medium and enterprises-size businesses to provide temporary modification/integration support.


Learn more about our API Solutions and drop us a line or give us ring. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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