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9 Best API Management Platforms

By: Sangeeth Kumar


In order to scale, organizations need to ensure secure and seamless digital handshakes between software systems. To help an organization achieve interoperability of data between disparate applications, the use of an API management tool can prove useful. An API Management platforms aids in the process of creating, analyzing, and publishing web Application Programming Interfaces (API's) to connect data and applications across the cloud.

The critical element of an API management tool is its ability to easily build APIs with the specific requirements that are unique to each related application and ensure that both the public and internal APIs generated are integrated properly. Utilizing some of the major API management tools on the market, organizations can leverage data holistically to respond better to rapid changes in their industry.

Top API Management Platforms

9. Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is a 100% cloud-based API solution that allows businesses to move, manage, and administer data across on-premise, or cloud-based applications. It is a single, scalable platform that provides endpoints as a web service. Dell Boomi makes it easy to extend services and information to customers and amongst enterprises.

8. SwaggerHub

SwaggerHub is an API management platform for teams to drive discipline and consistency across the development workflow. It facilitates a team to accelerate the designing process without losing quality and provides standardized and faster API designs. SwaggerHub possesses features like a powerful editor, smart error feedback, syntax auto-completion, and style validators for better design consistency across multiple APIs.

7. Akana:

Akana Platform provides end-to-end API management solutions reserved for securing, managing and publishing. The platform allows users to secure their APIs while giving access to authorized users and applications. Akana advances outreach across digital channels, pushes partner endorsement, and administers analytics to optimize the data transformation.

6. 3Scale:

3Scale is an API Management platform that makes it easy to manage APIs. The platform provides flexible and scalable solutions that allow a user to share, secure, distribute, and control each API on an infrastructure. It caters to performance, consumer control, and helps the users avoid creating a solution from scratch. The users can share their company data and provide an API to internal teams, external organizations, or both.

5. CA API Management:

The CA API management platform allows you to integrate systems, orchestrate data, adapt services and create business-related APIs from various sources, with tools that are designed to streamline development. Developers can collaborate on the platform to use various mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits) that are available out-of-the-box.

Technology Icons

4. Wso2 App Cloud:

WSO2 provides the best open source solution for API management. It includes features for full API lifecycle management, policy enforcement, customizability, and monetization. Its customizability feature is designed to fit both micro-service plus monolithic architectures and contains an analytics function to gain insight into an API's usage. WSO2 App Cloud can be used as a centralized host to applications that are written in multiple languages with support for multiple runtimes.

3. IBM API Connect:

IBM API Management is a platform which helps to manage the total API lifecycle. IBM API Connect provides a cloud-based solution for API creation and management while providing built-in security and governance functionalities. This platform contains features that have the capability to automate the API creation process based on java runtime and Node.js. Analytics on API usage can be available to API providers as well as consumers.

2. MuleSoft Anypoint:

The MuleSoft platform allows users to integrate with any application, data or device. The Anypoint Management Center will provide both visibility and control for the applications and API's for projects that are deployed. Developers can take advantage of the pre-built security policies to encrypt data or conform to industry compliance standards like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Apigee:

Apigee allows developers to design API Proxies and to enforce security protocols plus practices across all API platforms. Apigee API Management is for consumer, cloud, partner, systems of record, IoT, and employee apps. It provides analytics, security, operations, run-time monitoring, monetization, mediation, and a developer portal.

Corporate API Integration

Application programming interfaces play a crucial role in the development and deployment of business and consumer-facing applications. No application can afford to be orphaned. Mission-critical applications reach their fullest potential when integrated effortlessly with internal and external systems alike with custom APIs.

About the Author


Sangeeth Kumar is a Content Contributor at Mindmajix, who is passionate to write about the emerging trends in all type of technologies and contribute his knowledge to understand the concepts clearly. keep in touch with him on LinkedIn and twitter


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