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Live Video Streaming Software Developers for Hire

We develop live video streaming software equipped with advanced custom features and in-demand functionalities that evolves with the latest trends and engages a wide audience.

Live Video Streaming Software Development

We develop live streaming software to enable live broadcasting and streaming of content and virtual events with features for real-time transmission, access control, audience analytics, increased audience engagement, session recording, social media streaming, and more.

VOD Software Development

Our developers build video-on-demand (VoD) streaming software that enables users to stream TV and movies on any device without downloading them, archive and replay live events, and control their viewing experience with features for pausing and rewinding.

Media Player App Development

We develop mobile and web-based media player apps, including FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, and WMV, that support content protection, playback control, adaptive multi-bitrate streaming, recording, and more with advanced capabilities like VR and 360-degree video.

Interactive Streaming Software Development

Our experts construct interactive live streaming software to connect audiences and maximise engagement with low latency, synchronised timed metadata, chat functionality, two-way live app video streaming capability, and the speed and quality to facilitate real-time interactions.

Revenue-Driving Software Development

We develop live video streaming apps with opportunities for monetisation by incorporating targeted ads into your content in the form of banners or full-fledged, low-latency commercials that block the ability to use the app for 15-30 seconds.

Live Streaming Broadcast integrations

We integrate live-video technology with broadcast automation systems like Grass Valley and AVID, add features to stream live events to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, and more, and watermark your stream with your organization’s logo and branding.

Custom Live Video Streaming Solutions

Our industry experts develop robust custom solutions for broadcasting and streaming high-quality real-time video with unlimited inputs and outputs for maximum audience reach and engagement.

E-Commerce Live Steaming Solutions

We construct e-commerce software with tools to manage product listings, orders, deliveries, payments, and supply chains while maintaining interoperability in a centralised system equipped with intuitive portals for online shoppers and automated marketing and sales.

Entertainment Live Streaming Solutions

Our experts develop solutions for virtual high-stakes entertainment events with flawless video and sound quality that we can integrate with multiple video and audio feeds to manage large live audiences and broadcast content around the globe with features for ticketing and registration.

Branded Music Streaming Solutions

We develop custom branded music streaming solutions for audio and media that can store and distribute millions of tracks, provide support for music licencing, create personalised playlists, and enable access to enriched metadata like BPM, keys, and energy.

Learning Management Streaming Solutions

We develop robust video streaming solutions for e-learning that comply with significant e-learning standards, including SCORM, xAPI, and AICC, and are equipped with features for AI-powered course recommendations, computer vision-enabled proctoring, and more.

Branded Webinar Solutions

We create custom branded webinar solutions that enable audiences to engage with live chat rooms, polls, and trivia in a personalised space that promotes brand awareness, complete with features for integrating registration forms and providing access to live viewer analytics.

Live Monitoring & Surveillance Solutions

We develop reliable and secure video monitoring and surveillance solutions for smart traffic infrastructure, gate access control systems, medical devices, and more, providing you with continuous real-time access to high-quality and low latency livestream.

Game Streaming Solutions

Our developers build interactive video game streaming platforms that allow players to broadcast live gameplay to an unlimited amount of viewers with features for recording, archiving, live chatting, commenting, donations, and subscriptions.

Broadcaster Software Solutions

We engineer custom broadcaster software solutions for media distribution channels like television, radio, mobile, VOD, and OTT Platforms; and design custom modules for planned productions and workflow management within broadcasting advertising departments.

AI-Powered Live Video Streaming Software

We develop AI-Powered Live Video Streaming Software with AI-enabled features, enhancing various aspects of the streaming experience for both content creators and viewers.

Video Quality Optimization Solutions

We program custom AI & Machine Learning features for video quality optimization that optimizes the compression process, reducing bandwidth requirements while maintaining high visual fidelity. This enables smoother live streaming experiences for users in low-quality network conditions.

Automated Captioning and Translation Solutions

We program custom AI-enabled automated captioning and translation features in streaming software to automatically generate captions for live streams, making them more accessible to viewers with hearing impairments or language barriers. AI can translate live stream audio into different languages in real-time, increasing content reach to a global audience.

Automated Content Moderation Solutions

We implement AI-enabled automated content moderation features to live video streaming applications; this algorithm detects and filters inappropriate or offensive content in real-time automatically and helps to maintain a safer and more user-friendly streaming environment.

Live Chat Moderation Solutions

We add AI features to detect and filter out spam, hate speech, and other forms of inappropriate behavior from the content of live chat messages. This helps maintain a positive and respectful community during live streams.

Content Recommendation Solutions

We develop a custom AI algorithm solution that will analyze user behavior, preferences, and viewing patterns to provide personalized content recommendations that result in more user engagement.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Integration Solutions

We integrate AI-powered Virtual and augmented reality features in steaming software that enable realistic virtual avatars or overlay virtual objects seamlessly onto the live stream, creating immersive experiences for viewers.

Custom Live Video Streaming Features

Our developers customise your solution with a robust set of advanced features and functionalities to connect audiences, provide analytics, monetise live streams, and much more.

Audience Analytics

We programme custom features for real-time tracking and analysing live event metrics, including viewer locations, viewing time, participation levels, and more.


We provide multistreaming features that enable users to broadcast a single stream to multiple websites, social platforms, and custom RTMP destinations simultaneously.

Video Thumbnails

We add features to create a thumbnail for any video utilising image size, frame, and resolution specifications to automatically grab.

Automatic Video Transcoding

We develop modules that automate the video formatting and transcoding process and drastically reduce streaming and encoding time.

Effects & Filters

We incorporate functions to enhance videos by regulating the gamma, brightness, contrast, and saturation levels and supply artistic filters and effects with simple parameters.

Live Chats

We implement live chat features to connect users and boost engagement with video, voice, and messaging capabilities, access control settings, and automated monitoring.

Notifications & Scheduling

We supply features to schedule streams, create streaming timetables, and enable real-time alerts through push notifications for updates about upcoming videos.


We programme features for monetization through the seamless insertion of third-party ads and subscription and donation systems that support multiple payment methods.

Custom Live Video Streaming Integrations

We seamlessly integrate our solutions with popular third-party video streaming applications to provide ultimate customisation, flexibility, and control.


We integrate with Hubilo to provide virtual event organisers, hosts, speakers, and attendees with convenient web conferencing tools, including real-time polls, Q&A, and chats.


Our integration services enable you to stream Twitch programming directly into your streaming application solution on a custom domain.


We provide integrations with Brandlive to enable users to stream and host customisable and branded virtual events and provide high-quality, presentation-style virtual experiences.


We seamlessly integrate with Kollective to leverage WebRTC technology and securely scale and deliver high-quality, large video streaming events across multiple locations.


Our integration services enable you to plug your Zoom webinar licence directly into your custom solution, providing audiences with a branded experience.


We integrate with Boro to effectively monitor content for common violations and provide instant notifications of ETSI TR 101 290 errors or HLS events.

FAQ’s Related to Live Video Streaming Software

Live video streaming software is a type of software that enables the real-time transmission of video content over the internet. It allows users to broadcast or watch live video content, such as webinars, conferences, sporting events, and concerts.

Live video streaming software can benefit a variety of businesses and organizations, including event organizers, sports teams and leagues, news organizations, educational institutions, and businesses looking to connect with customers and clients.

Some popular AI-powered live video streaming features include automated video optimization, facial and object recognition, real-time translation and captioning, personalized recommendations, and sentiment analysis.

AI can improve audience engagement in live video streaming by analyzing user behavior and feedback, recommending related content based on interests and preferences, and enabling interactive features such as polls and quizzes.

Live video streaming integrations are important because they enable businesses and organizations to reach wider audiences, increase engagement, and streamline workflows by connecting different tools and platforms.

There are a variety of integrations available for live video streaming, including social media integrations, website and CMS integrations, video hosting and distribution integrations, and CRM and marketing automation integrations.

A Live Video Streaming SDK is a toolkit provided to developers for incorporating real-time video streaming into their applications. It simplifies the process by offering encoding, streaming protocols, device compatibility, customization options, real-time interactions, analytics, and security features. With an SDK, developers can focus on integrating the toolkit and delivering a seamless live streaming experience.


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