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Fleet Management Software Development


Fleet Management Software Development

Chetu’s developers have decades of combined experience in transportation and fleet management with industry knowledge encompassing hundreds of development projects. These resources have provided solutions through the paradigm shifts in fleet telematics, GPS fleet tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and more to offer you unparalleled software development expertise.

Fleet Telematics Solutions

We develop custom Transportation Management Systems (TMS) combined with uniquely designed channels and telematics systems to facilitate easily tracked asset locations with monitored vehicle lifecycles. We ensure that vehicles are capable of recording and transmitting Records of Duty Status (RODS) and Hours of Service (HOS) logs to comply with FMCSA regulations.

Fleet Fuel Management Solutions

Our Fleet Management Software Engineers integrate your fleet card data and program vehicle tracking systems to track your fuel from point-of-purchase to consumption while also monitoring fluctuations in individual vehicles' fuel usage. Our Fleet Fuel Management Solutions always adhere to EPA emission standards and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Our software developers facilitate real-time fleet tracking by automating complex routing strategies with GPS tracking, geo-fences, and specific dispatch zone conditions. We customize your fleet tracking software by integrating third-party fleet management technologies from GeoTab, Mojio, Onfleet, Teletrac, and more to maximize fleet tracking efficiency.

Fleet Asset Management Systems

We integrate Fleet Asset Management Software, such as Fleetio, to effectively manage your entire vehicle’s inventory, driver assignments, asset status history, and fleet-related documents with a more customizable approach. Fleet managers can establish geo-fences and receive alerts via SMS, email, or push notifications when resources move beyond their set geographical boundaries.

Fleet Maintenance Software

Our software developers implement embedded vehicle instruments with Engine Control Modules (ECM) to transmit vehicle maintenance reminders of your fleet’s electrical and power system, emission control, ignition system, fuel system, and more, via SMS or email, to both drivers and dispatchers to ensure driver safety, track mileages, and monitor driver performance.

Fleet Management Integration

Your custom Fleet Management Integration System will feature Legal Billing and Accounting Software that records daily expenditures and tracks all of your transaction history. Additionally, we integrate Motor Pool Technology to track accurate vehicle utilization history, and promote ride-sharing options to increase your vehicle utilization while efficiently right-sizing your fleets.

Custom Fleet Management Software Solutions

Grow your fleet, increase tracking and visibility, and manage your workflow with Chetu’s Custom Fleet Management Software Solutions, offering GPS tracking, maintenance scheduling, telematics, fleet cards, and more. We build low-cost fleet management platforms for you to own, while also integrating, supporting, and customizing popular fleet management systems and third-party systems to create truly superior solutions.

Tracking & Communication

We design route-optimization solutions with custom GIS Software and third-party mapping apps to track your fleet more effectively using your preferred GPS navigation software.

Telematics Systems

Chetu's Fleet Telematics Solutions allow you to add significant value to drivers’ hours of service by finding more efficient driving routes with real-time GPA tracking and communication.

Fuel Management

We integrate your fuel data into your custom fleet management system to provide detailed visibility over all of your fuel costs, transactions, allocation, types, MPG, and so much more.

Management Integration

Our Fleet Management Software Developers integrate innovative Dispatching Software programmed to expedite day-to-day fleet operations, improve scalability, and assimilate a one-click invoice.

Fleet Maintenance

Our Fleet Maintenance Software Engineers develop a Fleet Management tool that integrates with your software to alert drivers and dispatchers of maintenance issues occurring within the vehicle.

Asset Management

Our Fleet Management Developers implement robust Fleet Asset Management Software that allows dispatchers to monitor the location, status, and fuel condition of any high-value vehicles or equipment.

Customized Fleet Management Integrations

We integrate GPS tracking & telematics, fleet cards & fueling systems, mapping & navigation tools, and more to offer powerful data analytics for small businesses, large fleets and government fleets.

Fleet Card/Fueling System Integrations



We integrate WEX fleet card solutions into your fuel management system to help you run your fleet more efficiently and gain advanced tracking and monitoring analytics.



We integrate Voyager fleet cards into your fleet management solution to offer flexible billing and payment options, monitor transactions, gain tax exemptions, and more.



We implement Comdata fleet cards to help prevent fraud and misuse of funds, of which can be customized with card controls and alerts for optimized security.

GPS Tracking & Telematics



We integrate Geotab into your Fleet Management Software to provide you with an integrated platform to help manage drivers and vehicles from real-time data.



By Integrating OnFleet, you’ll gain access to automated operational processes to track, monitor, customize, schedule, and analyze all of your daily fleet deliveries.



Integrating Teletrac with your Fleet Management Software offers real-time insights and analytics for vehicle tracking, route optimization, driver performance, and so much more.

Mapping and Navigation



Integrating Waze into your Fleet Management Software enables you to utilize turn-by-turn navigation information, more accurate route details, and user-submitted travel times.

We integrate ESRI with your Fleet Management Software to help you gain smarter insights using contextual tools to analyze your location and GPS mapping data.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Integrating Google Maps into your Fleet Management Software allows you to access more efficient maps, routes, and places to track your fleet assets using real-time location data.


Ready to start managing your convoy with custom Fleet Management Software Solutions? Reach out to one of our Fleet Management App Developers today!

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