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Parking Management Software Solutions


Enhanced Security and Data Maintenance - Our Answer to Your Parking Solutions

With our parking management software solutions, you'll have new and updated functionality developed, programmed and implemented by seasoned experts whose industry specific expertise gives you the most out of your business' systems for maintenance, security, and business intelligence.

Parking Permit Software

Chetu develops self-registration mobile apps and web interfaces with automated SMS or push notifications to alert users of permit expirations, as well as create permit management software which includes features such as customizable time-limit and renewal settings, and group and extended stay management.

Parking Access Control Solutions

We develop Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and smart decal software systems for gate access control, vehicle tracking, and automated restricted-user alerts that notify security personnel, tow services, or law enforcement depending on prior delinquencies, with custom systems designed for public or residential transparency.

Parking Kiosk Software

We program and implement self-service kiosks with Ticket In/Credit Card Out and Credit Card In/Credit Card Out (TICO/CICO) functions, smart meter, and mobile app technology. We also develop payment processing features integrated with banking and accounting software for end-to-end revenue management, and payment channel development.

Parking Enforcement Software

Our experts develop mobile parking attendant applications for issuing virtual and QR-coded paper tickets using handheld printers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), automated fee calculations, note taking, photo software for documenting property and vehicle damage, security, tow service and law enforcement communication channels.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence (BI) solutions include developing systems powered by data from guest registration systems, meters, kiosks, and smart sensors with reporting modules for rate planning and scheduling, as well as custom smart sensors, integrated with GPS.

Parking Lot Security
Systems Integration

We integrate IP HD camera technology with parking management platforms to record footage automatically when motion is detected and alert security when banned vehicles enter the premises. We also program mobile attendant apps to access feed and sensor data while in the field.

Enhancing Parking Management with AI

Industries far and wide are leveraging various innovations to enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. At Chetu, we’ll do the same with AI, as it has the potential to reshape the way parking spaces or utilized and managed. From parking systems enabled by AI to automate parking facilities, Artificial Intelligence represents the future of parking management.

Upgrade Parking Management
with AI

With Chetu’s history and expertise on various technologies, whether bleeding or cutting-edge, we’ll make use of AI to deliver significant steps closer to improved efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. As parking scarcity grows, AI-driven parking management systems are going to become incredibly important to curb traffic congestion, optimize space usage, and deliver seamless experiences for drivers.

Seamless and Efficient

Font and center at the transformative wave of parking is AI parking systems. With AI-smart parking tech, our systems, through the use of sensors and cameras, can deliver real-time information on available parking. This is possible through the efficient communication between the hardware and software to spot availability, and as a result, our innovative solution eliminates the time-consuming search for parking.

Automated Space Utilization
and Precision

Make the most out of limited space. Within parking management, automatic parking systems are an extraordinary achievement. Utilizing AI, our custom systems are enabled for vehicles to park themselves! Aiming to minimize human errors and optimize space utilization, automated parking facilities can guide vehicles to vacant spots with accuracy.

Improving Security with
AI-Powered Surveillance

Beyond efficiency and convenience, Artificial Intelligence can also enhance security within these facilities. AI-based parking management systems incorporate sophisticated surveillance techniques like vehicle detection and license plate reading to ID unauthorized vehicles or suspicious activities. Security personnel can be enabled to better respond to potential threats more quickly, ultimately making a safer environment for the vehicles and the people.

Robotic and AI-Enhanced
Parking Garages

Space constraints aren’t just felt on an x-axis, but also on the y-axis. By using AI-driven parking systems, make use of vertical space within your garages and reap the benefits of automated parking. While more complex, our teams of talented software developers can adeptly utilize supplementary drone technology to scan multi-level garages and create a three dimensional representation of the map, and enable AI-powered garage systems to accurately determine how many spaces are left for parking and also assist in monitoring for safety.

Smart Parking and
Optimizing Revenue

Finding parking is one thing, but finding parking that’s affordable is another. With AI-enabled pricing strategies, you can adjust your prices based on demand, time of day, and other key factors. Gain the competitive edge with real-time insights and maximize your revenue with Artificial Intelligence.

Our Transportation Software Development Solutions

FAQ’s Related to AI in Parking Management Software

A smart parking system is a combination of AI technology and software which uses very few resources and staffing, which helps in denser parking of vehicles and saves space for more vehicles.

A parking management system software automates the car parking system. It provides real-time information about space availability, reserved parking, payment options, and vehicle status, making parking management efficient.

The parking management system works faster, which helps decongest the city traffic and saves valuable time for the vehicle owner. Furthermore, an optimal parking solution is effective in reducing the carbon footprint.

These systems use smart sensors with reporting modules such as electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors.

Custom parking management software is built to accommodate various facilities, including outdoor parking lots, multi-level garages, airports, restaurants, shopping centers, railway stations, and hospitals.

AI-enabled parking software plays a major role in identifying suspicious activities of unauthorized access or fraudulent transactions. Also, send timely notifications to parking operators.

Airports, shopping centers, railway stations, and hospitals are everywhere; there is a need to manage the parking of vehicles. It was managed manually earlier, but now parking lot management software has simplified the process. This software helps in real-time occupancy, access control, and revenue visibility.


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