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Autodesk File Conversions for a 3D Estimation Company

The client, an online 3D estimation company, chose Chetu to convert their 3D models to the Autodesk format.


Parameters: 3D Model File Conversions Call for Autodesk Expertise

The client offers an on-screen 3D estimator that gives clients a bottom-line bid price that includes materials, labor dollars and equipment as well as an accurate and detailed report of the estimated quantity of materials for your project. The clients software solution is an accurate, detailed, fast and affordable 3D model that leverages BIM modeling capabilities to enhance presentation, improve communication from the office to the field, go paperless, lower costs and increase productivity in an easy to learn estimating experience.

The client was looking for an upgrade to their modeling format by moving to Autodesk. The client currently stores models in IFC format. Using Revit, we converted models to the Autodesk format (DWF/DWG). If there are any distortions, we created C# plugins to fix the distortions or vertex issues. In other words, the utility will be converted to the Revit side and coded in C# and in some cases uploaded to the Revit app store.

Technology logs

Journey: File Conversion to Revit Using C# Plugins

There are some basic requirement that implement the import/export process using Revit Software: Autodesk Revit Software 2017 and IFC/RVT file format.

Our developers installed the Autodesk Revit Software in your window. After installation you will be able to open IFC/RVT file in your software. The steps to implement the import/export are:

  1. Steps to open IFC file in Revit.
  2. Steps to Export IFC file from Revit to DWG format
  3. Steps to Open DWG/WGF file in Revit.

Revit software provide user interface that select the architecture and model then open IFC file and view in 3D model then export the file as given format. This is the Revit software interface manage the user friendly interface.

In Revit Application Click on “New” tab and select the “Architectural Template” from drop down list then click on “Ok” as shown in below. Selection of architectural template to open the blank project and open IFC file using import Link IFC.

Click on “Insert” tab then click “link IFC” tab and browse IFC file from your location. After open the IFC file click on “View” tab and then select the “3D view” Option. Click on “File” tab then go to “Export” option then “CAD Formats” and select “DWG/DWF”. Click on “New Set” and rename it as you require and select the check box option which one you require or “Check All“ as you require then Click on Next. Select the Folder Location where you want to save then “File Name” and “file types” then “OK”. It will take few of seconds or Minutes as per Drawing Model and you will get the DWG file as your selected location folder. In Revit Application Click on “New” tab and select the “Architectural Template” from drop down list then click on “Ok” as shown in below. Click on “Insert” tab then click “link DWG” tab and browse DWG file from your location. Now click on “View” tab and then select the “3D view” Option. You can see the 3D model on screen. Click on “Visual style” and select “Shaded” then you will be able to see shaded architecture 3D model on screen.


Results: Autodesk Compatible Files Converted to DWG/DWF Format

Our team successfully delivered complete file conversions from IFC format to Autodesk Revit format. Using the C# plugins, the client received fully functional data files to create accurate and detailed 3D models. The client now serves clients better with modernized files, ensuring compatibility with all Autodesk platforms.

The client chose to work with us because of our competitive pricing structure and dedicated team of Autodesk developers. We are an Autodesk Service Provider Select partner with 20 years of 3D modeling expertise, specifically in file conversions.

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