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By Rajat Khattar


This Chetu client is a real estate company dedicated to providing individuals and businesses access to commercial real estate bridge lending opportunities.

Leveraging 40+ years of combined experience, the management team matches investors with the most lucrative short-term commercial loan opportunities, guaranteeing that their customers remain well-informed and financially secure through the entire lending experience.

small model house with keys in front of manually filled bridge loan paperwork optimized by Chetu
small model house with keys in front of manually filled bridge loan paperwork optimized by Chetu

Project Overview

Though their operative bridge lending system functioned adequately, it lacked technological sophistication. Chetu's client believed application development could maximize efficiency and award users more control over the following processes:

  • Proposal plan creation
  • Investor selection
  • Calculation of the projected investment costs
  • Secretarial duties (legal paperwork and electronically signed documents)
  • Reporting features
  • Display dashboard for graphs and pie charts

In other words, our client envisioned an intuitive application that granted users the power to scale each investor to the amount they were willing to invest and then pair them to projects accordingly. Most importantly, the application needed to be equipped with an electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) feature to enable ACH / credit card payments.


Because the application was designed to handle large sums of money, secure and certifiable software development was paramount to the future of their firm. Chetu sought to develop software cohesive to the client's preexisting model, streamlining their image across platforms. The Chetu approach resulted in an application that satisfied the real estate company's need for a...

  • User-friendly application that allows fundraisers and borrowers to create multiple portfolios and cases.
  • Management system for important documentation and providing a means to aggregate data into detailed reports.
  • Channel for soliciting with investors, as well as manually sorting / hand picking investors and assigning them to specific cases based on their contributions.
  • Progress bar to display the total amount raised so far and how many more days left to raise and achieve the target.
  • Integration to an EBPP platform for ACH/credit card payment processing.

Chetu's partnership concluded with a custom bridge lending application that improved our client's internal processes significantly-another Chetu success.

small model house with keys in front of manually filled bridge loan paperwork optimized by Chetu
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