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Despite the constant regulation of online betting activities, the sport and casino betting market continues to cash in. Our client is an international online sports betting and casino power player based in the Mediterranean island of Malta, Greece. Since its inception in 2003, our client has been an innovator in the online sports gambling industry.

Their platform allows users to bet on live sporting events and play casino games on mobile and desktop browsers. They were certified by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta in 2013 and plan to continue expanding throughout Europe. The user-friendly interface is exceptionally easier to maneuver than other online sport betting apps and their reasonable wage requirement has been well received by local consumers as they continue to make big strides in the industry.

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The client leverages an extensive sports betting menu, providing punters comprehensive statistics on live games and those scheduled for future dates. Their unique layout offers players an intuitive betting system unmatched by competitors. The software design automatically combines multiple games on to one slip and can calculate potential winnings instead of the user manually doing it.

To remain an industry leader, the client decided to find a development partner that could evolve their preexisting architecture over time, in parallel with the latest trends.

Chetu became their development go-to. On this first project, we were going into the client's existing code base on a debugging mission. There were errors the client knew existed within the source code, but Chetu needed to pinpoint them and rectify, upgrading the application in the process. We also performed quality assurance for the existing features to ensure they were functioning properly.

During the initial stages, we learned the online gaming software was developed in PHP, the framework was done with CAKE-PHP, and the database was completed with MySQL.


Upon examining the application we discovered issues within the registration and bonus section. We needed to ensure the registration process would accept and create the profiles and that the bonus section would prompt new and existing clients of welcome packages and special offers.

The quality assurance test we administered gave us the opportunity to go through each and every link of the application and verify whether the code was written correctly and if there was any chance for improvement.

During the system upgrade the technologies we used were:

  • Web Server: Apache 2
  • Language: PHP (5.5)
  • Framework: CAKE-PHP (2.4.2)
  • Database: MySQL (5.x)
  • IDE: NetBeans (7.3)
  • SVN
  • OS: Windows8 64 bit

We identified the primary users as the administrator and players and updated the portals for each of them. The back office system used by administrators now provide access to manage content and things like:

  • User Management
  • Registration/Login/Logout
  • Setting for Betting
  • Ticket
  • Bonus
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Transaction log
  • Settings
  • Promotional Code
  • Account information
  • Responsible gaming setting
  • KYC document

Players now have the option to browse through content without logging in, while keeping the player portal user-friendly. Guests can now view a list of live sporting events as well as casino games. We confirmed all of the existing functionalities were now operating efficiently and will continue to work closely with our client.

In the future, our client would like to update from their current live data service provider (Batrader) in an effort to continue to grow within the Mediterranean market, and we will be available to streamline production. Chetu's online gaming software solutions are customized for each client, whether you have a "from scratch" project or looking to update functionalities, your systems will be modernized and ready for operation, not to mention maximized ROI.

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