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Online Casino Software Solutions

Revolutionizing Online Casino Gaming With AI-Powered Solutions

Online Casino Software Solutions

Our highly skilled and experienced software developers manage every aspect of the software development lifecycle, from creating the prototype and coding to QA testing and releasing your custom game solutions. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance of your Class Ⅱ and Class Ⅲ games to ensure that it is functioning at optimal conditions.  

We develop Class Ⅱ and Class Ⅲ online games, such as:

Transforming Online Casino Software with Artificial Intelligence

Casino gaming, especially the online variety, requires an attentive and modern approach to security, content moderation, and player experience. This is something we understand completely, so our expert developers build AI solutions to meet these needs.

AI-Powered Game

At Chetu, our experts develop AI-driven online casino software that delivers personalized gaming experiences. This feat is possible through leveraging extensive player data and sophisticated algorithms to form coherent analysis and tailor the in-game content and promotions to correspond with that individual player’s preferences. As a result, your players will be more engaged and reach an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

Enhanced Fraud Detection
and Security

Regardless of whether it is brick-and-mortar or online, security and protection against fraud stands as one of the most crucial parts of any casino. We understand this and have developed AI-based fraud detection systems that you can leverage to analyze real-time data and prevent suspicious activities. Through our years of expertise and innovation, we utilize machine learning algorithms so that our software solutions can adapt to new threats and make sure that you can deliver a fair and secure gaming environment.

Predictive Analytics
for Player Retention

Player loyalty and retention are key to a casino’s success. Our team can provide you the AI-powered solution to help you achieve and maintain that reality. We’ve enhanced our predictive analytics software capabilities and can now identify high-value players. With these insights, you can incorporate specific retention strategies, maximize customer value, and enhance player satisfaction. Stay ahead of the curve and garner a better sense of business growth with our data-driven, AI-powered solutions.

Real-time Game

Our development experts help make data less of a hassle. So many data sources can be difficult to navigate and get a good handle on. However, our forward-thinking approach to technology has allowed us to create cutting-edge solutions that can monitor game performance, player interactions, and even user feedback, all in real-time. With data delivery streamlined, you can ID potential issues, optimize game designs, and response promptly to user demands.

Chatbots and
Customer Support

Customer support and chatbots are a significant component of technological innovations driving good business. At Chetu, we can seamlessly integrate this innovation into your established platform or software and your players can reap the reward. We enable our chatbots to provide accurate and timely assistance, leading to resolved queries and concerns. Furthermore, by leveraging AI, we can develop our chatbots to improve continuously through machine learning, ultimately delivering excellent customer support and enhancing engagement

Automated Responsible
Gaming Measures

Responsibility, especially when it comes to the casino business, is incredibly important to fortify. That said, we can automate this concept through AI as it is capable of detecting signs of problematic gambling behavior and deliver personalized intervention messages and can even temporarily restrict the account. Our goal is to establish stronger and safer gambling practices to improve a player’s well-being and your online casino’s reputation.

Online Mathematical Engines

We develop games equipped with a Random Number Generator (RGN) logic, as well as math algorithms & calculation engines, payout tables, game rule parameters, data encryption, and bonus round formulas.

Payout Ratio Settings

We program precise hit frequency and payout ratio settings to ensure that your game renders your preferred amount of winning combos.

Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generator (CPRGN)

We implement secure Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generator (CPRGN) standards, using cipher algorithms and cryptographic hashes, to improve the security and quality of your RNG.

Key Tools

Our development team incorporates key generation tools, protocol nonces, and salts in certain signature schemes, including RSASSA-PSS and ECDSA.

We Have Experienced Casino Game Software Developers

Our expert software developers have extensive knowledge and experience developing cutting-edge solutions for the gambling industry. Our online casino gaming software, enabled by AI technology, provides a unique and interactive gaming experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. With our AI-powered updates, you can ensure that your gaming platform always offers the most attractive features.

Online Gaming Back-Office Suite

We engineer an advanced casino game back-office suite that allows you to customize and access detailed financial reports, dashboards, insights, and analytics. This back-office suite also enables you to set and access game parameters, prayer profiles/tracking, affiliates management, gaming and betting statistics (player/win/loss ratios), promotion & communication tools, and more.

Online Casino Fraud Management & Protection

We integrate Blockchain Technology and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) security protection, as well as firewalls, anti-fraud modules, reporting engines, risk management systems, and KYC security process features to assess player details, track player actions, and report any suspicious activity occurring within the casino gaming platform.

Mobile Game Development

We engineer cross-platform compatible mobile games that enable users to play from any device, anywhere, at any time. We program your mobile gaming solutions to exude an interactive gaming equipped with AR and VR Integrations, in-app purchasing modules, in-app advertisement platforms, and more using advanced game development tools, like Unity Software, or Unreal engine solutions.

Online Casino Lobby & Player Portals

We also create interactive and personalized player portals for users to input, view, and manage their contact & demographic information, e-wallet & banking information, credit & player limits, bank & wire transfer information, communication preferences, player point balances & tier statuses, and so much more with integrated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency API.

Online Casino Game Software Solutions

Our developers have many years of experience providing online casino software solutions to deliver innovative, premium quality gaming solutions.

Randomizer Software

We implement Random Number Generators (RNG) into the operating system of casino games, such as slots, blackjack, and roulette and fully update the casino algorithm software. We develop BMM & GLI-compliant software designed to pass all RNG evaluations, ongoing RNG or game payout verification, betting exchange evaluations, full security system audits, game, mathematics evaluations, and more.

Mobile Casino Gaming

We develop solutions for iOS and Android native applications, packing all of your web identity as a standalone mobile application that works online and offline. We also analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases and in-app advertising networks to maximize your ROI.

Insights & Analytics for Online Games

We implement advanced real-time analytics and insight tools, including features for market data analytics, data capture, interactive floor mapping apps, player analytics, performance reporting, and predictive analytics. Our solutions allow you to identify operational improvements, filter data based on your KPIs, and make better decisions.

Payment Processing Solutions

We integrate payment processing systems from almost any payment software provider, foronline casinos merchants to access reliable merchant services, including online tablet games, digital slot machines, online poker, fantasy sports, etc. Our casino payment software facilitates personalized and interactive player portals with real money, including Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Ayden, Intercash, and so much more.

2D & 3D Game Design

We design and integrate 2D and 3D Game Skins seamlessly with existing gaming technology and architecture for an immersive and social gaming experience. We design a variety of game types, from video poker with progressive jackpots to live dealer blackjack and table games, connected to social networking services (SNS) or mobile applications.

Custom Cryptocurrency Casino Solutions

Our Custom Cryptocurrency Casino Solutions facilitate safe and seamless cryptocurrency payments, enabling players to carry out secure transactions of their preferred cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereoum. We utilize Blockchain technology to secure gaming operations and transactions on the gaming platform.

Online Game Integrations

We optimize online casinos with gaming solution integrations such as payment gateway and player tracking systems.

Payment Gateway Systems

We integrate gateway systems from almost any payment software provider to seamlessly process transactions directly on your custom casino software interface.

Ayden PayPalSkrillNeteller

Custom API Integrations

We integrate cross-functional API solutions with your software to gain access to a wide variety of casino games.

NetEntPlaytechIGTEvolution Gaming

Player Tracking Systems

We integrate advanced player tracking systems from an array of trusted tracking software provider options, to effectively monitor player activity on all types of casino gaming platforms.

AristocratAdvantysBally TechnologiesKonami

A Definitive FAQ Guide: Get Familiar with Online Casino Software and AI

Online casino software refers to the computer programs and systems that power online casinos. This technology enables them to offer a range of games to players, manage their accounts, process transactions, and more. The specialized software companies that develop these programs and systems usually include several components, such as the game engine, the user interface, and the backend management system.

The AI types used in online casino software are machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, and computer vision. Machine learning analyzes data to make predictions, NLP interprets and responds to player queries, chatbots aid in customer support, and computer vision analyzes player behavior to detect fraud.

Online casino software uses various programming languages and technologies to provide a secure and fair gaming experience for players. The software includes random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that game outcomes are random and unbiased, and communication protocols to protect player data and financial transactions.

The cost of casino software varies based on software type, features, and customization options. Pre-built solutions have set prices, while custom-built solutions are tailored to specific needs. Ongoing costs like licensing and maintenance fees may apply. Costs can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Researching and comparing providers is essential for finding a cost-effective solution.

AI-powered online casino software offers benefits such as personalized experiences, improved game selection, better fraud detection, enhanced customer support, and more accurate predictions, resulting in a better user experience, increased player engagement, and reduced risk of fraud.

AI-powered online casino software offers benefits such as personalized experiences, improved game selection, better fraud detection, enhanced customer support, and more accurate predictions, resulting in a better user experience, increased player engagement, and reduced risk of fraud.


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