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ArcGIS Online Esri Application Update Strengthens Water and Irrigation Management

The client, a sustainable water and innovative irrigation management company, requested an upgrade to ArcGIS Version 2.2.0629 for more accurate budgeting and data aggregation.

Water and Irrigation Management

Parameters: ArcGIS Online Update is Needed to Enhance Water and Irrigation Management

The client’s water and irrigation management process, co-developed with the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, can plan and monitor crop water budgets with greater accuracy and provide producer-specific data that can then be aggregated for the water manager on a system-wide basis. The client chose Chetu to update their ArcGIS online application to the latest version ArcGIS SDK .Net 10.2.7.

The client uses a graphics-based GIS interface for farmers, ranchers, and other water right owners to optimize their farm income and water use. The client also offers a software solution that enables management of individual farms for ditch companies, irrigation districts, and other entities that manage laterals and river systems, as well as integrates with field instrumentation, databases, and remote sensing technologies to monitor and verify water savings and actual usage. The company also provides consulting, monitoring, reporting, and technical support services.


Journey: Esri Developers Deliver a Quick and Accurate Update

Our experienced Esri developers analyzed their infrastructure to ensure all Chetu provided comprehensive assistance to ensure important business geographical information and developments are not disrupted by identifying issues in real-time and addressing them. We then provided the GIS update from ArcGis Online 2.1 to ArcGIS online 2.2 to the entire infrastructure.

Data is the underlying success to an enterprise GIS. Our developers used their expertise to help businesses maintain the quality of their data by providing data management services that include migration, collection, organization and upgradation of data stored in their CRM, ERP and BI data warehouses.

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Result: GIS Update Improves Accuracy and Compliance

Chetu successfully updated the client’s system with no down-time or disruptions. All data was migrated securely. The GIS update of ArcGIS online update enhanced field operations data, workflows and map creation. The client can now create maps, share and collaborate building maps and analyze map data more efficiently, meeting company standards.

The client chose Chetu for it’s expertise. Chetu is a Certified Silver Partner with Esri. Our Esri developers are provided a robust set of resources, certified training, and tools, which enable them to provide expertise around specific business functions, product areas, and industries. Chetu has over 20 years of experience with assisting customers, helping to differentiate their business, and grow their organization.

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